Episode 64

Australian Air Date: 14th April 1988
UK Air Date: 11th May 1989
Writer: Susan Hore
Director: Paul Moloney

Treachery lures Sandra back into the family home, while Lance and Martin invade someone else’s territory.

First appearance. Busted Lance and Martin perving on his girlfriend Dawn.

Extended Summary

Sally tells Lance and Martin that they shouldn’t go to the ladies toilets or showers. She says her grandmother warned her about people like them! Lance and Martin act innocent and say they were only helping Tom around the caravan park. They ask her not to say anything about it.

Steven visits Sandra at the hospital again and gives her flowers. She will being getting out from hospital tomorrow. She tells Steven that she is absolutely not going back home. She says she might fake something so she can stay longer in the hospital.

Steven goes and talks to Sam. Sam won’t listen to him and tries to hit him. Steven blocks the punch and knocks him down!

Steven tells Floss that he hit Barlow. He is worried what might happen. He is worried Sam might take it out on Sandra later.

Kelly helps Sam and washes his lips, as it is bleeding. Sam says he will go and visit Sandra, no matter what.

Martin and Lance sneak outside the ladies showers in the caravan park to see if Dawn goes in for a shower!

Sam comes to the hospital and goes into Sandra’s room. She is in bed and is reading. He says they have to talk. He also says that Steven attacked him and he shows her his lips. He says she must come home and that he expects a different attitude.

Sally tells Floss and Neville that Martin and Lance are helping Tom out with maintenance around the caravan park. She made them promise not to say anything since she isn’t allowed to say anything.

Dawn is going to the girls’ showers and Martin and Lance run to their peek hole and watch her. There’s another man inside the mens’ showers block who notice they are watching while she showers. He takes a look too. It turns out the man is Dawn’s boyfriend. He gets very angry and hits Martin and Lance!

Sam is furious and is in a really strange mood while Kelly is making a dress.

Kelly goes to Sandra and tells her they have to leave Summer Bay without Sam. They sneak home so Sam won’t know about it. He is not at home. Sandra thinks it is a good thing to run away from her dad. They hurry and pack and Sandra writes a letter for Steven.

When Sandra is in her room, Sam is at home after all and he locks her into her room. He made Kelly trick Sandra into the plan about them running away. It was just a trick to get Sandra to come home. Sam has also blocked Sandra’s window in her room so she has no way to get out. Sandra gets very shocked and sad.

Sam put Sandra’s letter to Steven in Tom’s letterbox (so Steven will think she has left Summer Bay). Sally finds it and Steven reads it.

Sandra begs Sam to let her out but he says he won’t let her out until she is ready! She cries. Kelly feels terrible to trick Sandra like she did.

Ola Carlsson, 1999