Episode 63

Australian Air Date: 13th April 1988
UK Air Date: 10th May 1989
Writer: Susan Hore
Director: Paul Moloney

Lynn faces her wily, deceitful father, while Roo outlines her devious plans for Frank.

Final episode. Dashed Lynn’s hopes of returning home after breaking the news to her about his weak resolve.
Fifth appearance, last seen in #62. Showed Barry to an expectant Lynn.
First appearance. Caravan park customer who Lance and Martin took a fancy to.
Final episode.

Extended Summary

Martin and Lance buy a six pack beer from Alf’s store. They talk about a new girl who has moved into the caravan park. Martin and Lance think she is gorgeous. Frank explains to them that her name is Dawn and that she already has a boyfriend.

The next morning, Martin and Lance say hello to Dawn. They talk to her but she isn’t interested in talking to them.

Sally helps out in Pippa’s kitchen.

Roo returns to school in Summer Bay. Bobby gives her a hard time.

Barry (Lynn’s father) is angry with Tom since he had heard from the social department regarding Lynn. He knows Lynn is upset and thinks Tom had said to her that her father really does not want Lynn to live with him and her mother.

Tom explains to Barry that one of the kids overheard him when he talked to Tom and Pippa about that they couldn’t take Lynn back.

Tom tell Barry to tell Lynn the truth about why she can’t go back to live with her real parents since it was Barry who built her hopes up and then let her down.

Barry visits Lynn at school. She thinks everyone is lying when they say he does not have time for her. After a while, he has the guts to tell her the truth. He explains they don’t have the time to look after her but that they still love her. Lynn gets very upset and tells him to get out (emotional music plays).

Walter gives Lynn the day off.

Lynn tells Pippa that her father came to school and she explains to Pippa what happened and what he said. Lynn is emotionally upset. Pippa comforts her.

Pippa tells Tom that Lynn knows what her father thinks of her.

Lance and Martin get some time off from the road workers by Tom. They say they have some urgent business to attend to.

They drill a hole in the wall in the ladies’ shower block. Sally sees them coming out of the ladies’ showers. She asks them what they have been doing there. They try to act innocent.

Roo speaks to Frank and tells him that her relationship with Brett is over.

Ola Carlsson, 1999