Episode 62

Australian Air Date: 12th April 1988
UK Air Date: 9th May 1989
Writer: Bruce Hancock
Director: Paul Moloney

Ailsa smells a rat when Roo returns to Summer Bay, while Lynn closes her mind to the truth about her father.

Fourth appearance, last seen in #34. Started to show strange signs of mental exhaustion.
Fourth appearance, last seen in #36. Spread vicious rumours about Roo’s pregnancy.

Extended Summary

The new school term is about to start. The Fletchers are having their breakfast.

Carly, Steven, Bobby and Lynn walk to school. Carly and Steven slow down and tells him what she has overheard Lynn’s father saying.

Roo takes the taxi to Summer Bay. She says she will stay for good. Roo promises she won’t be mean to Alf, Ailsa or Celia.

Roo apologises to Ailsa.

Everybody at school start the new school term.

Fisher says the school play this term will be the Macardo and Andrew Foley instead of Fisher will direct it. Everybody thinks it is great. And Fisher also explains that Celia will train the girls in the chorus section of the play.

When Alf has left, Roo tells Ailsa she didn’t seriously mean what she said when she apologised to her. Ailsa already knew that and says that Roo didn’t fool her for a second. Ailsa doesn’t like Roo either.

Students in classes read holiday diaries they had to write during their holidays. Steven reads his story and when Lynn is about to read hers, the bell rings. After that, Steven tells Carly Lynn’s whole story is about how great her parents is and that she might be going back to live with them.

Carly and Steven tell Lynn what she has heard her father say (that Lynn can’t come back to live with him and her mother). Lynn gets very angry and when she comes home, Pippa tells her the same thing. Lynn is depressed. (Emotional music plays).

Walter Bertram gets a strange headache in school. Fisher notices it. Walter says he has been getting a few headaches lately as a side effect from the brain concussion due to the accident caused by Carly.

Roo talks to Frank. She asks him if they can become friends again. He says it is OK.

Brett turns up at Alf’s house when Alf is in another room. Brett asks Roo when does she wants to carry out the abortion. She says she is determined to have the baby instead. He hates the idea and says she couldn’t cope with being a single mum. She explains she thinks she will get married to Frank! She also says that she won’t tell anyone about the baby until it is born. Not even Frank.

Ola Carlsson, 1999