Episode 61

Australian Air Date: 11th April 1988
UK Air Date: 8th May 1989
Writer: Bruce Hancock
Director: Paul Moloney

Roo breaks the bad news to her city boyfriend.

Return episode, last seen in #47. Was insistent on abortion after Roo’s pregnancy was learned.
First episode. Lynn’s wily, deceitful father. Julie’s husband. Briefly visited the Bay to see his daughter.

> First episode to use a flashback sequence.
> Lynn has six siblings – Garry, Mark, Jane, Andy, Sue and Rae (the latter three are older than her)

Extended Summary

Roo has decided to get back to the city earlier than she was supposed to. Celia finds out about it and asks Alf why she is leaving earlier.

Alf drives Roo back to the boarding school in the city.

The first thing Roo does when she is back is to call Brett (the rich kid whom Frank hit a while ago).

Carly puts up balloons to fall down as a surprise for Lynn when she gets back from her parents.

Lynn’s father wants to meet Tom and Pippa when he gave her a lift back to Summer Bay. Carly is worried that Lynn’s parents want her to return to live with them again. Carly spoils Lynn’s surprise and says there is nothing to celebrate now.

Brett drives up to Roo in his fancy car and he and Roo walk in a park and talk. Roo tells him she is pregnant. He tells her not to worry, he says he will pay for an abortion. Roo tells him she will keep the baby. He doesn’t like the idea and they argue about it.

Lynn’s father turn up at Fletchers with Lynn and he talks to Tom and Pippa. He says Lynn might have got the wrong idea that she can live with her real father and mother again. He tells Tom and Pippa that there is no way they can take Lynn back. He says they have no time for her. Carly overhears the conversation.

During the night, Roo lies awake in her bed at the boarding school and thinks of the good times she had with Frank (flashbacks are shown from earlier episodes).

The next morning, Brett meets Roo to take her to a doctor for an abortion since he won’t accept her decision to keep the baby. When Roo sees him, she runs away and takes a taxi.

Ola Carlsson, 1999

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