Episode 60

Australian Air Date: 8th April 1988
UK Air Date: 5th May 1989
Writer: Bevan Lee
Director: Mark Piper

Floss and Neville recruit the entire town in a play to get Pippa off the hook. Meanwhile, Roo receives some devastating news.

Road gang worker who informed Tom of Lance’s disposition to hangovers.
Informed Ruth of her pregnancy.
Fifteenth appearance, last seen in #57. Informed Pippa that her trespass charges had been dropped.

Extended Summary

Tom and the rest of the road workers are working outside Fisher’s house. Fisher has a go at Tom for using the church hall without permission. He says the church committee wants to press charges for breaking entry and trespassing.

Tom has a go at Frank for not taking down the sign for the school dance. He explains to Frank that the police are involved now.

Martin thinks the Nutter did him a favour by stealing his wheels on his car! He reckons he will get four new wheels from insurance.

When Sally is outside skipping with a rope, the Nutter sneaks up the Fletchers’ front door and leaves a letter (tense music plays).

Tom finds the letter and reads it out to Frank. The Nutter seems to like Pippa and that he thinks it is wrong that she will be charged for having the school dance at the church hall.

Frank asks Sally has she seen someone sneaking around the house earlier. She says she only saw Floss and Neville when they brought some fish over.

Sally plays with some dolls and she playing an operation on a patient. She is holding a real sharp knife and Frank tells her it is too dangerous to play with a knife.

Floss and Neville comes up with an idea to Pippa’s problems with the police. Neville and Floss offer to take the blame instead of Pippa. They go around to a lot of people and explain they will take the blame instead of Pippa.

Roo continues to give Alf a hard time.

Roo goes to the doctor for a pregnancy test.

Bob drops the charges against Pippa.

Roo finds out from the doctor that she is pregnant.

Ola Carlsson, 1999

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