Episode 59

Australian Air Date: 7th April 1988
UK Air Date: 4th May 1989
Writer: Michael Harvey
Director: Mark Piper

Celia is determined to nail the Fletchers this time, while Roo’s ill-timed return causes friction and embarrassment.

Return episode, last seen in #47. Returned from her stay in the city with Brett.

> Alf states that he is 45 years old.

Extended Summary

Frank and Bobby laugh because the Nutter has stolen Martin’s wheels from his car!

Lynn tells Bobby that she is going to visit her parents for a couple of days.

Lynn finds Carly sleeping in her bed with the bottle next to her. She quickly puts the bottle under the cover and puts the cover over Carly; when Pippa enters, she lies that she is sleeping.

Roo will be coming home for a while since it is Easter holidays. Frank doubts that she will want to see him.

Alf and rest of the gang come home. Celia notices that her bike has been moved in the church hall and she also notices some balloons on it. She sees the sign Tom made for the school dance so she knows it was held at the church hall.

Celia comes home late to the Fletchers to speak to Tom and Pippa but everyone is asleep except for Frank.

Next day, Lynn asks Carly why she got drunk last night. Carly feels sick and doesn’t want to talk about it.

Celia turns up at Alf’s place in the morning with Roo. Ailsa has just got out of bed and she is wearing only a shirt. Roo doesn’t like Ailsa sleeping over at Alf’s place.

Bobby is taking out the trash from the kitchen and she notices an empty bottle in it. Pippa heard something last night and ask if someone in the house was sick at about 2 or 3 in the morning. Everyone says no, but Bobby discovers it must have been Carly. Bobby realises that Carly must have been drinking last night.

Roo gives Alf a hard time. She asks if Ailsa sleeps there all the time now.

Roo has developed a very arrogant bitchy attitude and says a lot of mean things to Frank. She also says she prefers to go out with real men these days – men with class.

Celia has made a complaint and the church committee have told the police that the school dance was held at church hall without permission.

Pippa explains to Alf and Ailsa that she has been charged for breaking entry and trespassing.

Ola Carlsson, 1999

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