Episode 130

Australian Air Date: 15th July 1988
UK Air Date: 11th August 1989
Writer: Jennifer Mellet
Director: Chris Sheil

Carly pushes Tom too far in her selfish pursuit of glamour. Meanwhile, Narelle and Bobby decide to give Frank and Martin a taste of their own squalor.

Perve kid who wanted Narelle to bend over.
First appearance. Was stopped by Tom in his search for Carly.
Fourth appearance, last seen in #86. Warned Tom about his reckless treatment of Carly.

Extended Summary

Narelle is serving some young kid in the shop. He wants to buy something on the top shelf. Bobby walks in and says she gets them down. The kid says he doesn’t want them anymore and walks out. Bobby and Narelle laugh at how young they start nowadays. They then talk about how messy and smelly the house is and how she’s not going to be their cleaning lady anymore.

Tom thanks Neville for the work he and Floss do around the caravan park and they sit down for a drink. Neville mentions how impressed he was at Carly taking the old clothes to The Samaritans. Tom takes off upstairs and finds Carly’s bedroom is empty. He runs downstairs and asks Neville to tell him which way Carly was going. Tom drives to the bus stop. He then sees the bus further down the road and races after to stop it. He barges aboard it, but Carly is not on it.

Back at the house that evening Tom tries to get contact with George Morris, but he only gets the answer machine. Steven wants to know exactly what’s going on, but Tom says he’s going to phone Miss Molloy again.

Bobby and Narelle arrive home to the untidy flat. Narelle goes on about not being their mother and having to do all the cleaning. Narelle says it’s good that Bobby has found a boyfriend in Alan, but Bobby says that Alan isn’t her boyfriend, they’re just friends. Frank arrives home and throws his jacket on the couch and leaves a carton on the ironing board. Bobby and Narelle hatch a plan to give the boys a taste of their own medicine.

Tom has an argument with George Morris on the phone. He puts it down in disgust. He apologises to Steven for having a go at him earlier and tells him that Miss Molloy is OK with it all and that Carly has mentioned Tom ripping up the contract.

Narelle and Bobby are eating some Chinese. Frank comes up and tells them to watch it. They’re spilling the food on his jacket and says they must think they’re living in a pig-sty. He walks out into the shop where Roo, Alf, Ailsa and Brett are. There’s an uncomfortable standoff and Frank says he must get back to flat. Whilst there he has another go about the state of the flat. Brett walks in and tries to make light conversation and that they need to keep things civil between them. He offers Frank a hand and they shake. Roo stands outside the flat, listening for an argument. Brett says they’ve managed to agree to keep things friendly. Brett and Roo go for a walk. Alf talks about running the Macklin#s business in Summer Bay. Alf is taken by the idea, but Ailsa isn’t so sure.

Miss Molloy has come to see Tom, wearing some dreadful blouse. They comment on how nice a kid Steven is. Miss Molloy asks Tom a few questions about his behaviour with Carly the previous day. Tom says there is extenuating circumstances, but he can’t reveal them. Miss Molloy comments on this after the bad publicity with Lynn and that this will reflect badly upon Tom. Later Miss Molloy is looking at a photo of the family. Steven walks in and says that Tom said she wanted to speak with him. Steven says how much he enjoys living with the family, but he says how they’ve had problems with Carly being ego-centric, such as the TV interview business with Lynn and how Carly had used Alan’s condition to get out of Celia Stewart chaperoning her and that Carly makes her own troubles.

Frank is tidying the flat up and Narelle is impressed. The smell is still there and they find a pair of footy socks behind the settee.

Tom phones Miss Molloy. Miss Molloy has said that she is now happy with things after the discussions yesterday, but Tom tells her to find a new foster family Carly, she’s no longer welcome at the Fletcher’s. Steven and Bobby overhear this from the hall.

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