Episode 129

Australian Air Date: 14th July 1988
UK Air Date: 10th August 1989
Writer: Jennifer Mellet
Director: Chris Sheil

Carly uses Alan’s terrible secret to her own advantage; Brett Macklin arrives in Summer Bay to pursue his devious plan.

Return episode, last seen in #125. Moved to Summer Bay to take charge of the Macklin Sands Resort head office. Secretly held plans to gain custody of his unborn child.

Extended Summary

Brett has come around to see Roo. Celia offers them some biscuits. Carly comes around and Roo and Brett go for a walk. Carly asks Celia whether she wants to chaperone now that there’s something wrong with Alan, but Celia has no idea what Carly is on about. Pippa brings out some books that contains passages about berry aneurysms and talk about the difficulties that will come with his condition. Pippa is also anxious. She’s only got six more weeks to go, but Tom says she’ll be fine. Carly returns home, and tells Floss and Neville that she’ll need a new chaperone for the documentary, now that Celia has pulled out. Floss offers herself to do the job.

Celia fusses over Alan, saying that he shouldn’t be playing tennis now that he’s got an aneurysm. Alan wants to know how Celia knows and now she does know, it’s going to be everywhere. Alan storms out. Celia goes on about being the last to know, but Barbara goes off at Celia. Celia says though, that it wasn’t Fisher that had told her, it was Carly.

Alf walks into the shop and he and Ailsa make small talk. Alan walks in and asks if anyone has seen Fisher. Ailsa says he’s probably down the school. Alan arrives at the school and thumps Fisher. Barbara has a go at Tom spreading Alan’s condition around the bay and he says he only told Pippa and that Carly must have overheard.

Tom then goes off at Carly for using Alan’s condition and causing the Fisher/Stewart clan a lot of pain, just because she didn’t want Celia to chaperone her. Carly tries to brush it off, but Tom is really mad and asks Carly how she could be so malicious. Tom tells her that all her meddling has backfired. She’s not going to the city and she’s not going to film anything. Carly says she has a contract. Tom rips up the contract and that he’s lucky he isn’t allowed to bash her and grounds her to her room. Pippa is walking out of her bedroom when Tom comes through and makes her get back to bed and tells her what has just happened with Carly and Tom being so mad.

Matt asks Alan whether or not he’s had any offers for the van. Matt said he might be interested in buying it. Celia runs down the beach to speak and tells Alan that it wasn’t Fisher about her condition, it was Carly Morris. Celia tells Alan she won’t breathe a word.

Roo and Bret walk along the beach. They call a truce. In the store, Brett and Alf talk about business. Everyone seems to be getting on well.

Carly goes to talk Pippa about Tom stopping her going to the city to do the documentary, but she tells her she’s got to stick by Tom’s decision. Anyway, Carly tells her that she doesn’t want this hassle affecting the baby. She walks through to her bedroom and starts taking some clothes out the drawers.

Alan walks through the corridors of the school rehearsing an apology.

Alf, Ailsa and Brett have been talking business. Just as they are all about to leave, Brett asks to use the phone. Alf and Ailsa walk out, whilst Brett phones his dad and tells him it’s going well.

Carly walks past a Neville with a suitcase of clothes. She plays along with Neville that she’s giving them to charity. Neville is impressed.

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