Episode 128

Australian Air Date: 13th July 1988
UK Air Date: 9th August 1989
Writer: Alister Webb
Director: Chris Sheil

Carly connives to free herself of her escort during the modelling junket; Barbara betrays Alan’s terrible secret.

Extended Summary

The camera pans along the fireplace and the Fletcher family photos. Sally holds a photo of the family when it was Carly, Frank, Tom, Pippa, Lynn and herself. Floss talks to her about miss Floss. Sally says Dag Dog is missing Lynn too. Bobby comes along asks “who the funeral is for?” Whilst Floss is trying to talk about how as time goes by, people move in and out of your life, Bobby makes silly faces and Sally starts giggling. Alan drives up in his van and Carly notices it’s for sale. Carly asks if Alan has a bottom price and he asks if she knows someone who is interested. She says that she is interested, but Bobby points out that Carly can’t drive. Carly says she could get some lessons. Bobby and Alan drive away. Pippa is going through some of Lynn’s clothes. Carly mentions that she’s thinking of buying Alan’s van. Pippa is taken aback by the prospect. Pippa then goes off at Carly, frustrated by her new attitude now that she has money. Carly goes downstairs. Floss asks is she’s alright, having heard the shouting from upstairs. Floss tries to give Carly advice and Carly keeps biting her head off.

Floss heads off having finished the cleaning. Carly phones Celia and gives her prank phone call to try and double book Celia the day she’s needed for the chaperone. But Celia remains adamant that she can’t change her plans. Sally walks over and asks Carly why she’s talking in such a stupid voice. Then Celia changes her mind and decides that she might go to Carly’s faux meeting. Carly says she’ll phone back later with the details. Sally asks what details.

Matt and Alan talk about “teabags” and then Alan goes surfing.

Fisher finds Barbara in a classroom preparing work. He tells her he is impressed and that it’s pity some of his other staff aren’t as dedicated. Fisher talks to Barbara about Alan’s aneurysm. Alan, Matt and Bobby are on the beach. Fisher is jogging and Bobby makes smart remarks, riling Fisher. Alan does a Nazi impression, Fisher starts going off at him, before walking off. Bobby remarks how Alan out-psyched Fisher. Barbara is in her classroom. Alan comes in and wants to why Barbara told Fisher about the aneurysm. Barbara and Alan argue about, before Alan leaves. Barbara talks to Tom about, but Tom says not to worry. His leaps are sealed. Tom goes to walk away, but steps in chewing gum. Fisher arrives at the school after his jog and Fisher says that Alan guessed that he knew.

Celia comes around and tells Tom that she is unable to be Carly’s chaperone since she’s been asked to contribute to this Christian conference. Sally mentions something about the game and whilst Celia goes on about religion not being a game, once Celia has left, Tom asks Sally to spill the beans. Tom goes upstairs to talk Carly about her scheming and she puts in her foot in it by mentioning something that Tom hadn’t. Tom makes her go downstairs and puts her act on again to tell Celia the conference has been cancelled. As soon as they put the phone down, a few seconds later Celia phones up and tells them that she can chaperone Carly as the conference has been cancelled.

Bobby, Alan and Matt are in the store. Bobby is playing the pinball machine, whilst Alan sits at a table. Fisher walks and wants to talk to Alan about the aneurysm. Whilst Fisher wants to talk about, Alan is having none of it and tells Fisher that if anything gets out about it, he’ll flatten him.

Pippa asks Tom how the work at the school is going. He talks to Pippa’s about Alan arriving at the classroom talking to Barbara about the aneurysm. Carly calls Sally a double agent for getting her into trouble. Carly walks upstairs and overhears Tom and Pippa talking about Alan’s aneurysm.

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