Episode 127

Australian Air Date: 12th July 1988
UK Air Date: 8th August 1989
Writer: Bruce Hancock
Director: Chris Sheil

A film crew invades the Fletcher home; Lynn and Carly exploit the power of the press to fight the welfare system.

Final episode. Returned to her folks after their resolve to pay her more attention.
Lynn’s mother. Barry’s wife. Appeared on a news story pleading for her daughter’s return to the fold.
First appearance. Dodgy journalist who exposed Lynn’s predicament.
Graham’s media mate.
Graham’s media mate.

Extended Summary

Lance and Martin arrive back in Martin’s caravan. Lance is still mad about the mix-up of the previous night and the fact that Lance had nearly got his head bashed in by Russell. Lance washes his face and goes to dry, but the towel is covered in flour. Martin tells Lance he’s been booby-trapped. Martin hoses Lance down in the caravan park. Sally thinks Lance looks really silly.

Bobby and Steven arrive in the Store after their training. Frank talks to Bobby and Steven about the furniture and thinks his parents might have sent it to him and maybe he should go see them. Bobby says he shouldn’t go.

Pippa and Tom talk to Sally about Lynn’s parents wanting her to go back. Sally tells Tom and Pippa that Lynn isn’t going back. Sally runs upstairs. Carly and Lynn are planning what they are going to do in front of the film crew. She gives Lynn an onion to make her look like she’s crying. Later Carly is getting glammed up for the film crew arriving.

Lance tries to clean himself up as the film crew arrive, so Martin goes to talk to them alone. Martin offers Lance’s van as a base. Carly comes out, then goes back inside to tell Lynn the film crew has arrived. Tom tells Carly the film crew aren’t filming in the house.

The film crew are talking to Lance and Martin in the van talking to the film crew. Lynn comes running in screaming how she’s being forced to go back and live with her parents. Carly talks to Tom, when the film crew walks in. Tom tells them to leave; they’ll be no filming inside the house. The presenter says he wants to talk to them about Lynn, how Lynn’s parents have demanded her back and Lynn having no say in it. Tom says it’s a private matter and pushes the film crew back out the house. The film crew then watch the Tom pushing them out the house in Lance’s caravan.

Tom talks to Lynn and Carly in their bedroom about using the film crew to put a spotlight upon Lynn’s situation. Tom tells Carly that he’s pushed him and Pippa too far. When they’re making the rest of the film, Celia will chaperone Carly. Carly is not impressed. Tom goes to talk to the presenter in Lance and Martin’s van. Tom wants to know how the Lynn material is going to be reported. The presenter says they must get along, he’s going to have to come back to film Carly. Tom says he can scrap that idea.

Carly and Lynn talk about how their plan has worked. Lynn is sorry about Carly having to be chaperoned by Celia, but Carly says its worth to have Lynn stay. Tom comes into the bedroom and tells them the programme is about to start.

Frank, Martin, Narelle, Bobby and Lance are at the Store Flat, ready to watch the programme as well. Bobby hopes Lynn’s parents get roasted, but Frank takes the opposite view. Lance takes his shoes off and everyone complains about the smell. They show footage of Lynn being interviewed, saying how she doesn’t want to return to her parents and then the footage of Tom pushing the film crew out the house. They then show footage of Lynn’s mum pleading with Lynn to come home. Lynn gets upset and runs upstairs. Pippa talks to Lynn in her bedroom about the situation. Pippa tells her that she should take the risk, but Lynn says no one knows what the risk will be like. Pippa tells Lynn about the fact that she could die giving birth.

Pippa and Tom talk in bed, with the words of their conversation giving away the fact that Lynn has decided to go back to her parents. Lynn and Carly are in their bedrooms. Carly tries to apologise, but Lynn says it’s OK and asks Carly to give her a hug.

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