Episode 126

Australian Air Date: 11th July 1988
UK Air Date: 7th August 1989
Writer: Bruce Hancock
Director: Chris Sheil

There is embarrassment and confusion all round as Lance moves house. Meanwhile, Lynn’s real parents decide they want her back.

Second appearance, last seen in #63. Paid a return visit to the caravan park only to bust a perving Lance.
Second appearance, last seen in #64. Paid a return visit to the caravan park only to bust a perving Lance.
Second appearance, last seen in #121. Perved on a scantilly clad Narelle.

Extended Summary

Pete, a fisherman hangs around the shop and ogles Narelle. Celia complains to Alf about Narelle’s dress sense, saying she is dressed more for a party than to work in Alf’s shop. Frank walks in and asks Alf he can speak to Narelle about the furniture. Narelle says that her mother was going to send some stuff over, but it’s not the brand new stuff that’s just turned up at the flat. Frank then asks Alf is it was him that bought the furniture. Frank says he doesn’t know anyone with that sort of money, but then he has a brainwave.

Lynn and Carly are talking about what Carly is going to wear. Frank arrives and says that Carly should have spent the money on herself and not on the furniture for Frank’s flat. Carly doesn’t have a clue what Frank is on about. Carly wants to use her money to buy a second hand car.

Martin and Lance do their hair up. Tom speaks to them and he ends up a bit confused. Martin says he’s going to see about moving into the flat.

Frank and Narelle get accustomed to their new furniture. Martin arrives and Narelle ribs him about his new hairstyle. Narelle leaves and asks Frank to get rid of Martin. Martin tries to talk his way into getting the third room. Narelle is against her, but Frank tries to talk her around and she finally agrees, but on conditions that any problems, Martin goes and she doesn’t want Lance around all the time.

Carly and Lynn look at magazines about make-up. Lynn says Tom isn’t going to let them film inside the house, but Carly says that if they want to film her in the house, she’s going to make sure that they can, and she’s going to make sure that no one messes up this potential career.

Narelle arrives home to find that Martin has filled the fridge full of beer. Narelle asks where they are going to put the milk. Narelle tells Frank that Martin’s getting on her nerves already, but Frank jests, it could be worse. Lance could be living there too.

Lance walks through the caravan park at night carrying a large number of bags… too much actually. He keeps on dropping them. Lynn sees him and he says that he’s moving out.

Martin takes the beer out the fridge. There’s a knock at the door. Martin answers the door. Lance walks in and says he’s moving in.

Dawn and Russell arrive at the caravan park, looking for a caravan. Tom says he has a spare one as someone has just moved out. They want to know if Lance and Martin are still there, but Tom says they’ve gone.

Lance opens a can of beer, spraying it all over Narelle. Frank and Narelle tell Martin he has to get rid of Lance.

Lance walks back through the caravan park with all his stuff.

Celia talks to Tom and Pippa about her need to chaperone Carly. Tom says he hasn’t yet made up his mind. Celia leave and Tom and Pippa discuss what to do about Carly. Shouting can be heard from outside and Celia runs back in screaming saying there’s a fight going on. Russell walks in with Lance in a headlock, saying he has caught one of the pervs.

Celia tells Alf that he needs to sack Narelle because Lance had been caught spying on Dawn undressing. Alf chuckles at her.

Tom says that Lance can get his van back tomorrow. Lance asks where he’s going to sleep tonight. Tom says he can have Frank’s van for the night. Tom gets a phone call. Miss Molloy has phoned saying that Lynn’s parents want Lynn back to live with them.

Pippa and Tom talk to Lynn about her parents wanting her back. Lynn says that she doesn’t want to return after the disaster of the last time she visited them. Tom and Pippa try to convince Lynn, but Lynn says she’d run away the minute she got home and she runs upstairs. Pippa goes up to talk to her, but Lynn is adamant. She doesn’t want to go back.

Carly calls Frank to ask her to help, but Frank takes the same line as Tom and Pippa, that he can’t do anything about it. Tom asks Carly to go up and keep an eye on her, but not to encourage her to do anything stupid. Narelle asks Frank what he thinks of her interior decorating, but Frank’s mind is miles away.

Carly tries to talk Lynn into using the film crew to air her Lynn’s story about her getting torn away from the Fletchers.

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