Episode 125

Australian Air Date: 8th July 1988
UK Air Date: 4th August 1989
Writer: Anne Brooksbank
Director: Greg Shears

Morag connives to further Brett’s interests, while Brett sets out to work on Alf and Celia.

Return one-off appearance, last seen in #121. Wined and dined Alf, Celia and Roo.
Return one-off appearance, last seen in #121. Wined and dined Alf, Celia and Roo.
Delivered furniture to a surprised Frank.

Extended Summary

Celia takes a phone call from Morag, who wants to talk to Roo.Morag tells Roo that she’s inviting her, Alf and Ailsa to dinner and makes it clear Celia isn’t invited.Roo says she’ll have to check with the others but she likes the idea.After hanging up, Morag turns to Brett, who will “just happen” to come round for coffee after the dinner.Roo goes to see Alf at the bottle shop to tell him about the offer.Alf tells her Ailsa can’t go because of the flu and he doesn’t want to go.Roo says she doesn’t get many opportunities to get dressed up and go out so Alf agrees.

Floss and Neville find Frank working at the store while Ailsa’s sick.He tells them he’s settling in okay at the flat but, since Ailsa put her furniture in storage, it’s looking a bit bare.He lost his new job because of the accident so he can’t afford anything.Floss drags Neville to the caravan park and begins getting out several old decorations and circus outfits.Neville worries they might not be to Frank’s taste but Floss is convinced he’ll be grateful.She heads to Frank’s flat with them and asks Neville to keep Frank busy.Neville goes into the store and starts telling Frank circus stories.Frank wants to check on the flat and asks Neville to mind the store but Neville protests he doesn’t know what to do.Steven turns up and Frank asks him to mind the store.Desperate, Neville announces he wants a cup of coffee and he wants Frank to make it.

Roo is getting ready to go out when Celia comes in, dressed up as well.She says that since Morag will be expecting Ailsa she’s going to turn up in her place.Roo tries to subtly point out that Morag doesn’t want her there but Celia is certain Morag’s up to something and is determined to protect Roo from whatever it is.Roo is suddenly looking forward to the evening a lot less.

Neville is finishing off his fourth cup of coffee and asks for another one.Frank has had enough and tells Steven to make it for him while he goes into the flat.Neville and Steven follow and they find Floss has covered the furniture with old shawls of varying bright colours and decorated the place with circus items. Steven and Frank seem stunned into silence.Later, after Floss and Neville have gone, they start packing the stuff up.Lynn and Sally arrive and laugh at the new look.Frank worries about how to tell Floss he doesn’t like it.

Alf, Celia and Roo arrive at Morag’s and Morag sarcastically refers to Celia as “Ailsa”.Alf asks if she has any beers and accepts a whiskey, Celia asks for a soft drink so she can keep a clear head and makes it clear she thinks Morag’s up to something.Alf and Roo look uncomfortable at the sniping between the pair.After dinner, the group settle down for coffee and thank Morag for the food.Morag goes to answer the door and Alf and Roo ask Celia to be more polite.Celia insists Morag has an agenda.Morag comes back with Brett, who says he was caught running a red light and wants Morag’s legal advice.Celia looks vindicated.

Steven is assuring Frank that Floss won’t come round again when, with perfect timing, she calls to them from outside the closed store.Steven pretends he can’t unlock the door but when Floss prepares to go round to the flat he quickly lets her in.She’s looking for an earring she lost and, although Steven tries to get her to search the store first, she heads into the flat, where most of her stuff is lying on the sofa.Steven tries to convince her it was the wind before Frank claims he’s just moving stuff around.

Brett sits next to Roo as the party scatter around the sitting room and tells her he’s been thinking about her, while Morag tries to convince Alf to give Brett a chance.Celia keeps looking daggers at Brett and he tells Roo he’ll talk her round in fifteen minutes.He goes over and tells her that he knows he behaved badly and he’s been praying for forgiveness.Celia softens and accepts a port and, a few minutes later, is singing his praises to Roo, saying he goes to church every Sunday.Roo is amused at the turnaround.Brett tells Alf that his father drove through Summer Bay recently and thought it could be developed for tourism.He needs a local to give him advice and Brett suggested Alf, who would also have a chance to invest in the project.Alf says he’ll think about it.

Frank and Steven have replaced Floss’ nick nacks and Frank bemoans the fact that despite moving out he still couldn’t tell her he hated her stuff.Matt pops in, saying Ailsa told him he could store his board in the shed, and smirks at the décor.Frank grumbles about what Matt will think of him now.Steven goes home and tells Lynn and Sally about Frank’s problem.Lynn suggests he buys some new furniture but Steven points out he doesn’t have any money.Sally says Carly does but Steven doesn’t think she’d lend it to Frank, since she only bought Lance a lottery ticket.Sally offers her own money but Steven kindly tells her it wouldn’t be enough.

Alf, Celia and Roo are saying their farewells to Morag and Brett:Although she and Morag are still frosty towards each other, Celia is won over by Brett, who kisses her hand goodbye.Once they’re gone, Brett looks smug at his success.Morag airily calls him a conman but agrees the important thing is they both get what they want.

Frank and Steven are walking outside the store, with Frank complaining that after three days living with Floss’ things he still gets nightmares.A lorry is parked nearby and the driver tells Frank he has some furniture for him, which has already been paid for.The papers claim it is from a Mark Jason, which Steven thinks is a false name, and Frank is agog to see it cost $5,000.The driver and his colleague start unpacking it.Steven grins, Frank looks bemused.