Episode 124

Australian Air Date: 7th July 1988
UK Air Date: 3rd August 1989
Writer: Anne Brooksbank
Director: Greg Shears

Frank decides to act in his own interests for a change; Fisher is stunned to learn his son’s lethal secret.

> Alan’s stunt-double is played by Craig Stephen in this episode.

Extended Summary

Tom helps Frank upstairs to his room to his bed and Frank asks Pippa to make sure no-one seems him like that.Steven tries to go into the room and Tom shuts the door on him.Frank says that he’s tried to do right by Roo and Bobby and just been kicked in the teeth and he thinks he needs to look out for himself from now on.Tom tells him that’s not necessarily a bad idea and Frank admits he wants to move out.Lynn and Sally come out of their own rooms and join Pippa and Steven on the landing, wanting to know what’s going on. Sally says she heard someone crying and Pippa tries to cover but Steven tells her it was Frank.Sally thought that Frank never cried but Steven says everyone does.In his room, Frank is telling Tom that he isn’t going to be Mr.Nice Guy from now on.Tom tells him that trying to change yourself, like Bobby’s being doing, never works but moving out might be a good idea even if Tom doesn’t want Frank to go.

Bobby and Alan are having an after hours coffee at the store and Alan asks Bobby if she really enjoyed the movie.He questions her about the flat at the store and she says that Ailsa used to live there and Narelle is moving in but it’s empty at the moment.Alan suggests they sleep together but Bobby turns him down:She isn’t a scared virgin but she doesn’t sleep around either, she thinks you should only go to bed with someone you love.Alan suspects she has someone in mind and asks why she went out with him.Bobby says she was trying to wind up Donald and Alan suggests they do it again some time.

Alan comes home to find Barbara sat up with a cup of coffee.He asks if she was waiting up for him but she tells him she got up, found he wasn’t there and was worried, knowing what could happen any time.She isn’t happy about him driving, pointing out what could happen to his passengers or other road users if something happened.Alan says he can’t stay inside all the time but promises to drive slowly.

Back at home, Bobby asks Tom if Roo stayed long and if Frank still loves her.Tom tells her that Frank was upset after Roo left and he knows Bobby is involved in things somehow so he doesn’t want her giving him a hard time.Bobby goes upstairs to the boys’ room where both Frank and Steven are in bed.She asks Frank if he’s okay but he ignores her so she asks Steven to give them some space.Once they’re alone, she admits she’s been a jerk lately and apologises and says everyone thought he was over Roo.Frank admits he isn’t. Bobby tells him that she loves him but if he doesn’t love her then she has to deal with it and won’t take it out on him anymore.Once she’s out on the landing she starts crying.

The next morning, Bobby and Steven are going for a training run on the beach.Bobby points out Matt and Alan surfing and explains to Steven who Alan is.She seems to be looking forward to the chaos of Alan being at the same school as Donald.

Frank is clearing up the smashed caravan when Floss comes in.He tells her that vandals got in during the night.Floss says she couldn’t hear anything over Neville’s snoring and offers to help him but he says he’s doing all right on his own.Outside, Floss tells Neville about the vandalism but Sally, sitting on the steps of their caravan, says Frank smashed it up because he was upset about Roo:She doesn’t understand it either but it’s what Lynn told her.Floss goes back to the caravan and tells Frank that she went to see a psychiatrist after what happened with Scott and he taught her a mirror therapy.She gets Frank to copy her as she mimes horns and does monkey actions and dance moves until they both collapse laughing.She tells him it’s the Dr. Floss McPhee Laughter Therapy.

Matt is waiting outside when Bobby opens up the store, since Ailsa has flu.She asks him about Alan and Matt says he’s a good surfer and could turn professional.Donald comes in and hears the end of the conversation and doesn’t seem happy with the idea.He tells Matt to sit down so he and Bobby can talk then tells her if she becomes one of Alan’s followers it would be the quickest way out of school.Bobby wonders how Alan came to be such a nice bloke.Donald drives down to the beach and sees Alan surfing.Steven, still training nearby, asks if he came to watch him but Donald says he was just after some fresh air.He admits Alan is good but calls it mindless games.

Donald goes to see Barbara and says that everything he’s worked for in Summer Bay is being destroyed.He insists that she send Alan away to stop disruption at the school but she says there are very good reasons why he must stay.When Donald presses her, she blurts out that he could die at any time.Alan has a weak blood vessel in his brain which has started to bubble and cause an aneurysm.It’s inoperable and if it bursts he’ll die.She asks him not to say anything to Alan since she promised not to tell him.Donald understands and says that, since Alan can’t get stressed, he’s best off staying away from him for a few days.

Tom is shocked when he comes upstairs to find Frank packing, he was expecting to have a few more days to get used to the idea but Frank says he needs to go now.Tom asks if he’s going far and is relieved when Frank says he’s moving into the store flat with Narelle.Downstairs, Pippa gives Frank some cold chicken and cake.Both she and Tom are upset about Frank being the first to leave, even though he’s only going down the road.Frank asks to take the family photo from when Bobby first moved in with him and they agree.