Ari has a decision to make. Leah and Justin receive exciting news. Dean’s patience wears thin.


Marilyn finds herself humiliated. Nikau is curious about Ryder and Chloe. Leah and Justin acquire Susie’s assistance.


Tensions between Lewis and Christian grow. Susie and John organise a committee dinner. Chloe tries to apologise to Marilyn.


Alf and John choose radically different strategies to win the Surf Club election. Can Christian and Lewis find a way to work together?


Alf struggles with the idea he might lose the election. Jasmine and Lewis are sheepish following their kiss. Justin and Leah decide to take a big step forward together.


Dean makes an offer to Amber. Worried about appearances, Tane is honest with Ziggy. Alf’s new free time has put Martha in a tizz.


Ari’s old feelings for Mia are stirred up and he’s faced with a choice – Mia or Mackenzie? Ryder and Chloe’s constant fighting reaches new heights, ruining Bella and Nikau’s alone time.


Mackenzie tells Ziggy a shocking secret. Ari begins to win over a tempted Mia. Bella and Nikau’s attempt to unite Chloe and Ryder takes an unexpected twist. Leah and Justin’s house hunting hits a snag.


Ari tries to work out his future with Mia. Four friends face danger. Tori oversteps the line.


The Parata brothers meet their fate. Martha worries Kieran has come back to harm her family.


Amber and Jai move in with Dean. Alf and Roo stage an intervention. Mac contemplates her future.


Alf reaches breaking point. Lewis surprises Jasmine. Amber muddies the waters with Dean.


Marilyn is heartbroken. Leah and Justin hear some bad news. Jasmine helps to heal Lewis’ wounds.


Mac makes a decision about her pregnancy. The hits keep on coming for Ari. Jasmine and Lewis are in a very good place. Marilyn is an unwitting victim in Christian’s crisis of confidence.


A nervous wait for Ari as he is rushed to hospital. Tane dishes out some justice—Parata style. Mia can’t make up her mind about Ari.


Dean makes a decision about Amber. Ziggy and Tane own their mistakes. Chloe and Ryder’s relationship changes. Alf gets a call from the hospital.


It’s all hands on deck to find Martha. Leah and Justin are racing to sign a mortgage with Susie. At Susie’s behest, John decides to organise a fundraiser.


Irene is becoming a thorn in Susie’s side. Alf takes Martha away from the hospital. Willow and Ziggy repair their relationship. Leah and Justin hand over their money to Susie.


Irene and Susie try to mend their rift. Bella’s trust is tested. Martha’s delusions return.


Martha faces her reality. Christian questions his judgement. Irene has a hunch about Susie.

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