Episode 4853

Australian Air Date: 13th May 2009
UK Air Date: 13th May 2009
Writer: Dan Bennett
Director: Sam Atwell

An old friend of Roman’s reveals a dark secret from Roman’s past. Doubts are raised about Hugo’s shark story. Nicole’s attraction towards Trey increases.


Extended Summary

Hugo is uncomfortable with people shouting him beers to get further details of the shark attack and is not keen on Xavier’s suggestion that he run shark diving tours to cash in on the shark attack. However, he humours his brother by asking Alf about it. John Palmer overhears this and becomes anxious about more bad publicity for the Bay – he tells Alf to get Hugo to pull his head in, as any more publicity about the sharks could result in the Winter Surf Carnival being completely called off. Miles discovers via Colleen that Palmer is spreading rumours that Hugo made up the shark attack. Alf and Palmer argue about Palmer spreading rumours about Hugo. Palmer points out that no one really knows what happened out there. Hugo agrees to help Martha out on the farm, despite his growing attraction for her. This ends up making him uncomfortable and he takes off, leaving Martha disappointed and confused. Hugo hides from Martha at the Surf Club where he discovers someone has been spreading rumours he didn’t fight the shark.

Nicole admits to Ruby that she likes Trey, and Ruby is happy to see her happy. Trey gets in on his dad’s rumour-mongering act making Xavier furious – Ruby tries to calm him down. However Trey and Xavier get in an argument about Hugo possibly making up the shark attack. Nicole takes Trey home and, once Roman and Gardy leave, they grow closer and kiss.

Alf blows up Charlie for the charges against Irene but she says there’s nothing she can do – she explains that Angelo had no option but to arrest Irene as the fact remains that she did shoot at a police officer. Irene’s arrest makes everyone gloomy, but Martha assures Charlie that Alf’s attitude is only a result of his concern. Charlie asks Martha how she is coping with Angelo’s return – her resolve is strong, she is determined not to let him get to her.

Roman is still sleeping on the couch and Nicole expresses her concern to him – but he assures her that he’s doing something to make amends, and that he needs to handle things in his own way. Later it is clear Roman is still suffering nightmares – and that they have something to do with his time in the SAS. A man arrives in town on a motorbike, Gardy. After recklessly overtaking her, Charlie gives him a speeding ticket – but he merely uses the oppurtunity to try and flirt. Gardy breaks into Roman’s house and freaks out Nicole and Ruby when they arrive home in bikini’s. Roman comes down the stairs in response to their screams and, recognising Gardy’s voice, explains that he is an old army friend of his who has come to stay for a few days.

Gardy takes Roman out for a cheer-up beer and Roman reveals why he called Gardy. His nightmares are about the time in Afghanistan when fellow soldier Mark, went berserk and Gardy shot him in the leg to stop him jeopordising their mission. Mark tried to run Gardy down but Roman shot Mark dead through the windscreen – the stone through the windscreen during the accident triggering the memory of the bullet going through. Roman is a killer – he wants to come clean.

Scenes Cut from Episode:
Miles worries that Hugo’s shark story will be bad for business in Summer Bay.

Charlie tells Martha arresting Irene was hard for Angelo, but it’s clear her hatred of Angelo remains.

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