Episode 4854

Australian Air Date: 14th May 2009
UK Air Date: 28th May 2009

Hugo finds out John Palmer started the shark rumour, leading to a massive brawl. Trey freaks out when Ruby sees him topless. Roman wants to confess his crimes but Gardy persuades him not to.


Written by Margaret Wilson
Directed by Sam Atwell

Extended Summary

Roman believes it’s the guilt from shooting his old comrade that has caused his blindness. He wants to confess but Gardy persuades him not to, claiming he’ll figure out what’s wrong with Roman. Miles joins Roman and Gardy for a drink at the surf club and Gardy starts tormenting Miles. Miles asks Hugo to join them, keen for some moral support. John Palmer and his cronies are also at the Surf Club and they start making fun of Hugo’s claim to have fought a shark.

Nicole and Trey are kissing when Ruby pops around, forcing Nicole to hide Trey in her room. Unable to get rid of Ruby, Nicole calls Trey out of hiding. He appears, topless, and is immediately embarrassed to discover that not only is Ruby still there, but the girls have hidden his shirt. Nicole and Ruby tease Trey, actually out of admiration but he thinks they are making fun of his body. He takes off angrily, despite Ruby’s apology. Nicole is frustrated – how hard is it to fall for a normal guy?

Martha finds Hugo at the surf club bar – why did he just disappear? He was supposed to pick up Martha from the farm but he forgot. Unable to deal with his growing attraction to Martha, Hugo tells her to listen to the rumours – he’s an unreliable character. Alf tries to keep the peace between the Palmer crowd and Hugo, but it’s clear Hugo is rattled.

Xavier is still annoyed about Trey spreading rumours about Hugo, and Jai makes it worse. Jai and Xavier agree Trey is a jerk for badmouthing Hugo. Martha reveals her concerns for Hugo’s weird mood to Xavier and he tells her about the rumours. Xavier tries to pick a fight with Trey, but to his surprise Trey apologises for the rumours and admits his dad is a jerk.

Tensions are reaching an all time high in the bar and Hugo eventually cracks. He says to John that if he has anything to say, say it to his face. John does just that, stating that Hugo is a fraud and everyone knows it. Miles attempts to calm things down, but Gardy ignores that and hits John. John’s cronies respond and before they know it, they’re all involved in a brawl. Gardy directs Roman as to where he should hit, Hugo flattens John, and Miles ends up pushed over onto the sandwiches. Alf orders John and his cronies out, but the night is still young for Gardy – he drags Roman off for more drinks at the Sands, while Hugo, Miles, and Martha stay behind to help Alf clean up. Martha presses Hugoas to why he’s being so short with her, but he tells her to back off.

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