Episode 4855

Australian Air Date: 15th May 2009
UK Air Date: 29th May 2009

Irene is accused of Lou’s murder. Roman starts to fall under Gardy’s spell. Hugo avoids getting close to Martha.


Written by Kaneana May
Directed by Sam Atwell

Extended Summary

Martha heads down to Hugo’s boat to try and get him to open up about his behaviour – she’s upset about the way he treated her at the Surf Club. Hugo blames the shark rumours, which satisfies Martha, who doesn’t see that her faith in him only stirs strong feelings which he cannot share with her. The next day he rejects her marketing solution to the bad effect the rumour is having on his business – it’s harder now than ever for him to be around her.

Gardy and Roman stagger into the house the next morning. A worried Nicole demands to know where they’ve been, stating that she’s been up half the night and they’re lucky she didn’t call the police. Roman jokes that this speech sounds familiar, but its usually him giving it to her. Nicole is not impressed as Gardy continues to joke about the situation. Gardy then reveals that he got her father into a bar fight – she questions Roman only to realise he’s nodded off. This leaves Nicole very frustrated.

Irene’s lawyer Kay arrives at the police station to give Irene a run down of what to expect at her bail hearing. She explains that there’s still been no news of Lou, and that her ties with the community should mean there’s a good chance of Irene being granted bail. Irene isn’t looking too well. Meanwhile Angelo receives the DNA results from the hand found on the beach – it belonged to an Asian man in his 20’s, which doesn’t narrow it down much.

Aden decides to offer moral support to Belle during Irene’s hearing, only to discover Liam staying at the beach house – didn’t Belle say she wanted space? Belle tells Aden she’s in a hurry to get to court, but secretly she can’t deal with him at the moment. Lou’s ex-wife, Donna de Bono, gives Angelo a letter her solicitors received from Lou before he disappeared which states that he intends to make Irene a beneficiary in his will. Overwhelmed by seeing Donna on her way to court, where she states to Irene that she won’t be getting away with it, Irene collapses on the police station floor. She ends up in hospital – grief and stress have culminated in a state of physical and emotional exhaustion.

Kay believes that Irene being in hospital shouldn’t prejudice her bail case, but Lou’s bequeathing Irene millions of dollars gives her every motive for murder. Later, everyone is devastated to hear that Irene’s bail has been denied – she is going to prison until the trial. Liam offers to hire a lawyer for Irene, while Aden feels rejected that the distressed Belle would go to Liam for comfort at this difficult time.

Nicole explains the situation with Gardy and Roman to Aden. Aden is sympathetic, but doubts Roman will listen to the guy who slept with his daughter on the sly. Miles finds Nicole is struggling to cope with Roman’s anti-social behaviour, and Gardy moving in makes her feel uncomfortable. Nicole asks Roman how long Gardy will be staying, but Roman simply states this its his house and Gardy can stay for as long as he wants. Miles tries to talk to Roman on Nicole’s behalf. Roman appreciates Miles’s effort to reach out to him, but says he owes Gardy, and Gardy is the only one who has any chance of helping him. Gardy finds Roman in a black hole after trashing the kitchen and orders him to start dealing with his problems. Nicole’s filthy mood worsens when she finds Gardy’s cheeky note – don’t wait up. What has he done with her father?

Gardy drives Roman to a bridge. He gives him a backpack and explains that its a parachute. Gardy states that since a shock took his sight, a shock should bring it back – when Roman jumps off the bridge he will have to know when to open his parachute. Gardy exclaims that its a simple case of see, or die, as they struggle over the side of the bridge.

Scenes cut from Episode:
Concerned that he’s become a burden for Belle, Liam apologises to her for getting in the way of her and Aden, but Belle wants Liam to stay.

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