Episode 4856

Australian Air Date: 18th May 2009
UK Air Date: 1st June 2009

Roman is forced into dangerous exploits to help him see again. Belle is in turmoil when Liam wants to start a relationship. Gardy hits on Nicole, while Trey is avoiding her.


Written by Margaret Wilson
Directed by Scott Hartford Davis

Extended Summary

Gardy has taken Roman up on to a bridge and tells him his backpack contains a parachute. He wants Roman to jump off, convinced that the fall into the unknown will shock him into seeing again. Roman refuses to jump but Gardy leaves him with no choice as he pushes him off. It transpires that it is only a small drop, into a pool of water but Roman remains furious – and blind. Arriving home, he orders Gardy out of his house. Gardy leaves but quickly returns with a bottle of scotch as a peace offering. Roman’s resistance fades and the two get drunk together. Nicole is appalled to find them blind drunk at lunchtime and has no idea how to break the spell Gardy appears to have over her dad.

Trey is avoiding Nicole, and she does everything she can to try to find out why. He keeps telling her he’s just busy, but Nicole knows a cold shoulder when she sees one. Her problems are compounded when Gardy appears to hit on her. He’s subtle, but Ruby advises her that it’s still not acceptable. Later Trey comes to the diner but leaves as soon as he see’s Nicole. The next day at school, she asks him if the problem is the fact that Ruby saw him with his top off. He avoids answering, but the amount of effort he puts it at the gym later would suggest this is the reason. even so Ruby thinks she should tell Roman about it.

Grappling with Irene being in jail, and her own rehab, pressure is mounting on Belle. She tells Liam she is greatful for his friendship and support, and is met by It’s not helped by Liam proclaiming that he now wants to end his marriage to Chelsea and start a relationship with Belle. Taken by surprise, Belle tells him she wants space at the moment so that she can concentrate of her rehab. Belle asks Leah for her old job back at the Diner, which Leah gladly accepts with Roman out of action and Irene in jail. Liam believes Aden is the real stumbling block to being with Belle, and he seeks Aden out to tell him to back off. Aden is hurt and jealous, and rants at the unsuspecting Belle about how dishonest she was in previously declaring she and Liam were just friends. Aden tells her that once and for all he’s finished with her – leaving them both unhappy. Belle is unable to concentrate for the rest of the day at the Diner and Leah insists she takes a break. On doing so, she bumps into Liam and tells him about Aden’s rant – he responds that perhaps she should take it as a sign. Disheartened, she asks Liam to move his things out of the house as she needs her space to continue her recovery.

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