Episode 4857

Australian Air Date: 19th May 2009
UK Air Date: 2nd June 2009

Roman’s nightmare ends, but is Nicole’s just beginning? Jai realises Trey’s secret is why he’s been so horrible to Nicole. Liam thinks he and Belle would make a great couple.


Written by Sandy Webster
Directed by Scott Hartford Davis

Extended Summary

Roman, still blind, can’t sleep and is a bundle of nerves. Gardy ‘s solution is to get him drunk, but when Nicole comes home from school for lunch and finds Roman legless she’s horrified, but doesn’t know how to handle the situation and storms out. After she’s gone, Gardy gives Roman more alcohol to help him sleep. Nicole asks Miles’ to try and reason with Roman, but when he calls round, Gardy refuses to let him in, saying Roman’s sleeping and can’t be disturbed. However as Miles leaves, Roman comes downstairs, too wired to sleep.

Roman finally does fall into a restless sleep and is still sleeping when Nicole comes home after school. She tries to stay cool and hang tough with Gardy, but he again comes on to her and Nicole flees. Ruby’s advice is to stay the night at her place, and in the morning she’ll go with Nicole who needs to tell Roman about Gardy’s behaviour – Nicole is fearful of what Roman might do to Gardy, but Xavier assures her that Roman would still want to know. Roman experiences another dream – however this one recalls all the things his brain didn’t process when he fell off the bridge and, upon waking up, he discovers he has his sight back.

When Ruby and Nicole call around the next day they’re shocked and ecstatic to find that Roman has his sight back but Nicole’s taken aback when Roman credits Gardy with working the miracle cure – and Nicole realises there’s no way she can now tell Roman about Gardy’s advances to her.

Trey continues to be horrible to Nicole who doesn’t understand what’s gone wrong between them. Every time she tries to talk to him he cuts her dead. Worse, he starts baiting her in class which leaves her in tears. Ruby, Jai and Xavier rally around, but nothing anyone can say to Trey makes any difference. It’s only when Jai learns that Trey begun behaving badly after Nicole and Ruby saw him shirtless, does Jai remember something that he learnt about Trey months ago. He tells Nicole that he thinks Trey has body issues because he was seriously overweight when he was younger. It all finally makes sense to Nicole, but is there anything left of her relationship with Trey to salvage?

Liam has arranged to stay at a motel, despite Belle suggesting he might be better off back at rehab. He refuses and when she tries to get him to promise to call one of the councillors, he tells her it’s not her problem anymore. Despite Liam leaving, Belle cannot stop thinking about him, and starts getting increasingly worried when he doesn’t answer his phone, on numerous occasions. Fearing he’s falling off the wagon, Belle tracks him down to his motel room, but he is still clean – his phone was just charging. He apologises for pressuring her into starting a relationship and, offering the olive branch, she suggests they meet for a juice. Over the drink, Belle tells Liam she would like to give a relationship with him a try – but only if they take it very slowly. Liam’s delighted, but is Belle doing the right thing?

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