Episode 4852

Australian Air Date: 12th May 2009
UK Air Date: 26th May 2009

Charlie helps Tony deal with his anger over Angelo. Angelo’s treatment of Irene and Belle causes him suffer hostility from the town. Aden tries to distract himself from Belle by playing football.


Written by Phil Lloyd
Directed by Sam Atwell

Extended Summary

A sad and guilty Irene apologises to Belle for getting her in trouble with the police, but Belle explains she’s not sorry for slapping Angelo. Irene is barely keeping it together, worried that the policeman may die, and devastated that she was not able to say goodbye to Lou. Her love for him is apparent as she explains that time seemed to stand still on the boat, and that she hadn’t felt like that since she was with Ken. Her and Lou were meant to be together, but now all she feels is a big empty hole. Charlie later explains that the police officer will be OK, and hopes that it means Irene will be released on bail. Irene asks Charlie to do something about Belle, but Belle says that she’s not leaving without Irene. Charlie explains that she must be realistic, Irene is still going to be charged with wounding the police officer. She will see what she can do about releasing Belle.

Tony confronts Charlie about Angelo being back in town, he is angry that she has let this happen. Charlie explains she was powerless to stop Angelo getting his old job back, and she can’t stand working with him. She tells Tony that he is being unfair in thinking that she doesn’t care and storms out. Charlie bumps into Rachel outside and explains to her what’s just happened. Rachel tells Charlie that she wants to help Tony find a way to deal with his anger about Angelo, before the baby comes. Rachel and Tony are having lunch at the Diner when Angelo turns up and Tony storms out. Rachel confronts Tony later – she says she doesn’t have the strength to deal with Tony’s anger any more. When Aden asks Tony if he can play halfback for the Stingers to distract himself from Belle and his frustration with Angelo, Tony can’t help absorbing Aden’s message about putting his anger aside. Rachel suggests Tony get some tips from Charlie about dealing with his pain. Tony finds Charlie in the Surf Club and apologises for earlier. They talk and when Charlie reveals that she alone controls her emotions, Tony realises that he has power over his misery.

Aden learns that Angelo arrested Belle and begs him to release her – she’s been through a lot which Angelo doesn’t know about. Softening, Angelo decides to release Belle, but Charlie’s beaten him to it – no matter what he does, Angelo just can’t win.

Aden demands the truth from Liam – is Liam with Belle or isn’t he? Liam tells him to take it up with Belle, he has enough to think about with trying to save his record contract. Belle is on the verge of calling Aden about the photo when a desperate Liam calls her – he was about to score a fix. She rushes off to rescue him, despite her emotional exhaustion. Aden worries – the last thing Belle needs is another addict dragging her down. But Belle points out that Aden deserted her when she needed him, and claims that her relationship with Liam is strictly friendship. Aden can’t help feeling jealous.

The forensic report shows Irene and Lou’s fingerprints all over the boat, and reveals traces of Lou’s blood, hinting that he was injured on the boat. Angelo’s superior officer makes it clear Angelo has to throw the book at Irene, despite Angelo’s belief Irene acted in self-defence.When Belle arrives at the police station, Angelo explains that he has no choice – Irene is being charged with unlawfully shooting a police officer, and she is a person of interest in Lou’s disappearance. Irene is going to be remanded in custody until the bail hearing.

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