Episode 4830

Australian Air Date: 10th April 2009
UK Air Date: 24th April 2009

After recent events, Rachel has doubts about the wedding. Geoff is furious when he finds out about Belle. Nicole feels jealous of the new girl on the farm.


Written by Kaneana May
Directed by Sam Atwell

Extended Summary

Plans for Rachel and Tony’s wedding are going ahead with Martha’s farm getting an overhaul. As Rachel tries on her wedding dress, she voices her concerns to Martha about the timing of the wedding. With Roman in hospital, and the dress just not feeling right, Rachel is considering postponing the wedding. Martha assures Rachel that she is doing the right thing – life shouldn’t stop just because something bad has happened. Roman and Leah would want her to enjoy her special day. The girls are shocked when Tony walks in and sees Rachel in her wedding dress, however Rachel has already decided to change the dress, so reassures Tony that he hasn’t jinxed things. Martha says to Tony that she has enlisted the help of Alf and Geoff to help with preparations on the farm, and that she has also put up a sign in town for a part-time farmhand.

With Annie having overheard Aden and Belle talking about Belle being a drug addict, she is really upset as she tries to keep it to herself. When she returns home late, Belle points out that just because Irene is away, it doesn’t mean Annie can go off when she likes. Annie is quick to respond about Belle being so responsible, and Aden and Belle are left puzzled. The next morning Annie is at breaking point – she confides in Jai who suggests that she should talk to Belle to get the full story. She goes home and asks Belle outright if she’s a drug addict. With the answer an obvious yes, Annie soon snaps at Belle for lying to her, saying that all this time she thought she had a virus she was really trying to get off drugs. Annie is furious for Belle taking advantage of Annie’s generosity. Belle is beside herself that her secret is out, Nicole suggests that she should tell Geoff before Annie does, and Belle agrees that she will tell him that night.

When Martha arrives at the farm, she is relieved to find part time farm hand, Claudia Hammond, waiting to help out. When Martha introduces Claudia to Geoff it turns out they went to primary school together and have lots to catch up on. Among all the madness of the preparations, Nicole has decided to show up the farm. She ‘stands out’ in her glamorous outfit and arriving by taxi. Who is this girl? – Claudia wonders. It turns out that Nicole has taken it upon herself to deliver the news about Annie’s discovery to Geoff. Geoff is furious to not only find out about Belle’s addiction, but also the fact that Nicole has kept this from him. He rushes to the Diner to tell Belle exactly what he thinks of all this, and in the process almost managing to get into a fight with Aden. Geoff knows that Irene would never have gone away if she knew what was happening with Belle. He insists he had a right to know what’s going on in his own house. With Geoff fuming, he makes a snap decision to take Annie and stay at the farm for the night. Belle is distraught. When Geoff and Annie arrive back at the farm, Geoff tells everyone about Belle’s addiction. Rachel goes to see Belle who insists that she is now off the pills and coping with it in her own way. Rachel reluctantly leaves Belle, but not before telling her that she will have no hesitation in reporting her should she suspect she’s back on the drugs.

Rachel feels a bit redundant with not being able to help out with the wedding preparations, and it is obvious that she is still having reservations. She heads into the marquee, just as Tony switches on the lights. Rachel is taken aback at the setup, and the amont of effort that Tony has gone to. Rachel admits to Tony that she was having doubts, but after seeing the the marquee in its full glory, she is back on track and enthusiastic about their special day.

Nicole is still sombre over Roman’s condition – they are still keeping him in an induced coma until the swelling has gone down in his brain. She talks to Geoff about it and he is a good confidant. She then confides to Martha that she feels like Geoff is more than just a friend but is too scared to say anything to him. When Nicole decides to ask Geoff out to dinner to talk, he’s apologetic but is unable to go He has too much going on with Annie at the moment. And when Geoff heads off with Claudia to get some extra things for the farm, Nicole can’t help but be jealous of this new girl.

Scenes cut from Episode
Annie is having her own personal revelations – she wonders if people don’t tell her things because they might think she can’t handle it.
Meanwhile, Tony spends a lot of time on the marquee for the wedding but struggles with the lighting set up. Rachel sees this as another sign that maybe the timing of the wedding is all wrong.