Episode 4829

Australian Air Date: 9th April 2009
UK Air Date: 23rd April 2009

Kirsty’s problems are multiplying as Miles is faced with assault charges. Belle collapses at the Diner. Annie finds out a shocking secret.


Written by Kevin Roberts
Directed by Sam Atwell

Extended Summary

Annie is still taking care of Belle during her illness. Alf calls around and mentions that Colleen is upset at being left to tend to the Diner on her own. Given Belle’s condition, Alf wonders if he can give Irene a call and ask her to come back early. Aden says he’ll talk to Belle about it. But having Irene back is the last thing Belle wants; Irene will know straight away that something up with Belle the second she sees her. So Belle finds a solution. She herself offers to help at the diner despite her illness. And with Annie concerned for Belle, she too decides to pitch in and help. During her shift, Russal shows up, and she is un-nerved by his presence.

Kirsty comes home to face the music with Miles as she returns from the police station having confessed that she was with Trey the night of the accident, clearing him of any involvement. Miles swallows his nerve asking if she’s having an affair with Trey. But Kirsty is quick to put an end to that thought. She definitely isn’t having an affair with Trey and she only went around to his house so that he would sign a letter admitting that nothing happened between them – and hopefully put an end to all of this.

With Belle helping out at the Diner, Aden heads off to the Surf Cub. Russal is also there, and when he slips out to make another drug deal, Aden gets the chance to glance at Russal’s ringing phone. He sees Belle’s number come up and wonders – does this mean she is calling Russal to get more drugs? When he later questions why she was calling him, knowing that Russal is her old dealer, Belle is quick to respond saying that she was calling Russal to tell him that she doesn’t want to buy anything from him – ever again. Belle’s story stands up when Aden find Russal at Belle’s door delivering a package that she didn’t order. Russal says it’s just a ‘sample’ for old time’s sake. Aden is furious and threatens Russal to stay away from Belle. During her shift, things start to get too much for Belle and she collapses.

Bartlett is furious at Kirsty for forcing Trey to sign a document that she wrote. The truth is she broke a clear directive to stay away from Trey and Kirsty faces losing her job. Trey’s dad, John acts dramatically by sending a mass email out to all parents and staff at Summer Bay High exposing the whole situation. Miles visits the Palmers to try and diffuse the situation but he fails and Kirsty begins working at the Diner to alleviate Collen’s stress. With the issue now in the hands of the Education Department, Kirsty and Miles are on tenterhooks as Bartlett drops another bombshell – in addition to the letter Kirsty got Trey to sign, John is trying to get Miles up on charges for assaulting Trey.

On the phone to Irene, while recovering from her collapse, Belle tells her exactly what she wants to hear. Irene doesn’t need to come home – everything is under control. Belle has exaggerated and Aden, having overheard the conversation, isn’t happy about her lying. He tells Belle that she has to face facts – she’s a drug addict and still has a long way to go before she beats this thing, proving the fact by pointing out she’s tempted by the package Russal left for her. Annie has accidentally walked in at the end of Aden’s spiel and is shocked to discover that Belle’s an addict!