Episode 4831

Australian Air Date: 13th April 2009
UK Air Date: 27th April 2009

Aden finds pills in Belle’s purse. Tragedy strikes at Rachel and Tony’s wedding. Gina uncovers Xavier and Brendan’s secret.


Written by Fiona Bozic
Directed by Karl Zwicky

Extended Summary

Belle and Aden are debriefing Geoff’s outburst over Belle’s drug addiction. Gutted at being the subject of town gossip Aden is quick to reassure her that it’s just talk. Martha arrives to tell Belle that Annie and Geoff are welcome to spend the night at the farm (after Geoff refused to stay with Belle) but it’s not a long term solution- Belle has to sort it out. On the morning of the wedding Belle is as stressed as ever. She is overwhelmed with anxiety about facing everyone. While looking for a purse to take, she finds some old pills stashed inside. Confronted with temptation Belle panics as Annie knocks at the door. Not thinking, Belle shoves the pills back into the purse. Annie apologises to Belle for treating her badly over the drug confession. Annie assures her Geoff will forgive her, but Belle’s not so sure.

Gina, Xavier and Brendan arrive back in the bay for Tony and Rachel’s wedding. Martha invites Gina around to Leah’s for the girls wedding preparations, which she gladly accepts, citing that she could use some female company after Xavier’s moodiness. Brendan in the meantime is occupying himself by painting his face with Tony’s shoe polish.

It’s a busy morning for Rachel as she bustles about getting herself ready for the wedding. Despite Roman’s condition, Leah has insisted that they girls get ready at her place. Colleen flits about painting nails as everyone gets into the spirit. At the venue Tony is reminded of Jack and takes comfort in an embrace with Hugo. Moments later, the bridal party arrives and Tony is blown away when he sees Rachel.The ceremony begins but there’s underlying tension within the gathering. Belle is struggling, Geoff is still angry with her over not confessing her drug habit and Xavier is on edge trying to hide his secret that Brendan caused Leah and Roman’s accident.

Tony and Rachel exchange vows and Rachel makes a heartfelt speech, declaring her love for Tony.

After having her suspicions aroused at the wedding by Brendan’s talk of ‘not meaning to’ and ‘the blue car’, Gina is on high alert, convinced Xavier is hiding something from her. When Xavier and Brendan go missing at the wedding Gina goes in search off them. Back at Jack’s house, Xavier is struggling to keep Brendan silent about the accident. He tells Brendan that people won’t understand that he didn’t mean to hurt Roman – not even their Mum. REVEAL: Gina has arrived at the house. She demands to know what is going on.

When Aden goes to find a pen for VJ in Belle’s purse he finds the pills. Belle tells him that she found them by accident; she kept them as a security blanket she wasn’t going to take them. Aden doesn’t believe her. Belle is overcome with sadness on top of her rejection from Geoff this is the last straw. She pops out a pill and swallows it down with a glass of wine.

Geoff sees this and is disgusted. Annie tries to convince him to go and talk to her, but he refuses, stating that Belle has brought it on herself.

Minutes later as Rachel throws her bouquet, Belle’s world comes tumbling down as she collapses, and her heart stops beating…

Scene cut from Episode:
Martha tells her Rachel wants her at the wedding and Belle accepts this- reluctantly.