Episode 4792

Australian Air Date: 17th February 2009
UK Air Date: 3rd March 2009
Writer: Dan Bennett
Director: Danny Raco

It’s the day of Leah’s party and she receives some unexpected news. Meanwhile, Nicole feels the aftermath of her kiss with Freya.


Written by Dan Bennett
Directed by Danny Raco

Extended Summary

It’s the day of Leah’s party and from the moment her family arrives the house becomes strained. Helen and Theo are bickering constantly and it is eventually revealed that they have split up due to their business going under and have been hiding it from Leah. Leah is upset but is forced to put on a brave face for the night ahead. The party is sedate, verging on boring, apart from Theo storming off after a row with Helen, and Chris’ shameless flirting with Charlie.

Tony leaves the party and later admits to Rachel that it’s hard for him to see families together knowing he won’t see Jack again. When Leah overhears Freya comment on how dull the party and being old is, it inspires her to liven the party up a bit. She knocks back some drinks and jumps on the table to perform a dance. Not so steady on her feet, she topples down, but Roman catches her before any real harm is done. And on that note, the party is over. Roman stays around to look after her and a sweet moment between the two is interrupted by Leah vomiting on his shirt! We can’t help but wonder if she’s going to regret this tomorrow!

Shock reigns after Freya’s public pash with Nicole. Ruby thinks that what Freya did counts as cheating and tells Xavier he should dump her but Xavier tells Ruby to drop it. However, we later see that he’s having second thoughts about his relationship, but Freya manages to talk him around – once again!

Geoff’s worried about Nicole, she must feel so humiliated. But far from being repulsed Nicole is just shocked by the whole thing. Bartlett has told Nicole that engaging in that kind of behaviour is not what he would expect from a School Captain. Geoff doesn’t understand Nicole’s calm reaction at what happened with Freya but when he sees them spending time together at Leah’s party he begins to wonder if Nicole would rather be with Freya than him. Nicole assures Geoff that the only person she wants is him.