Episode 4791

Australian Air Date: 16th February 2009
UK Air Date: 2nd March 2009

Freya stops at nothing for Xavier’s attention. Xavier’s ‘hot’ list lands him in hot water. Will Leah’s birthday turn into a big Greek 30th?


Written by Sarah Walker
Directed by Danny Raco

Extended Summary

Freya’s playing her usual crazy games and set on doing whatever it takes to keep Xavier’s attention on her. When Ruby comes off better in an altercation at the Diner, Freya hides her humiliation by sitting on Xavier’s lap and tearing his shirt, infuriating Xavier given it could have cost him his job.

Freya turns up at the school on Xavier’s first day to give him the final version of the ‘hot list’ they’ve been working on – rating people on how hot or not they are. She manages to cause a bit of a scene and when Bartlett spots her and she takes off, leaving Xavier to take the flack for her being on school grounds. Xavier bins the hot list but Ruby’s eager eyes spot it.

Before Xavier knows it the results are made public, much to his embarrassment. Ruby is outraged that she hasn’t even been rated, but Xavier insist he didn’t put her on the list out of respect. He admits he likes both her and Freya, but the bottom line is that he’s with Freya. Ruby’s left hurt by him once again.

Nicole had thought Freya genuinely liked her so when she sees she has been rated as ‘thinks she is hot’ on the hot list, she confronts her about it. Nicole says she doesn’t think she’s hot. Freya is surprised and answers that she thinks she is and to prove her point Freya pashes Nicole in front of everyone – including an unimpressed Bartlett!

Leah’s 30th birthday party is tonight and Rachel asks Tony for his help with the preparations, hoping a focus on something positive might help him cope with his recent loss. But Tony’s negative outlook won’t lift and Rachel is disappointed that even Leah isn’t looking forward to celebrating. Leah just wants a civilised small celebration and not a big fat Greek 30th. But with Leah’s family involved, the chances of getting the birthday she wants are very slim.

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