Episode 4790

Australian Air Date: 13th February 2009
UK Air Date: 27th February 2009

Will Roman’s confession ruin his friendship with Martha? Rachel is concerned for Tony. And its an eventful first day for Belle… and for Aden.


Written by Margaret Wilson
Directed by Scott Hartford Davis

Extended Summary

Martha is reeling after learning that Roman is still in love with her. Angry, she confronts Roman who admits his true feelings, leaving Martha feeling betrayed and upset. Roman is eager to explain that their friendship means so much to him that he would have been supportive of Martha regardless of whether it led to anything or not. But from Martha’s reaction he can see that his confession has scarred their friendship, perhaps irrevocably. Martha can’t help but feel hurt and wonders why everything seems so complicated since Jack died.

Hugo talks to Alf about reviving the dive shop and Alf agrees to at least talk about it, although he is still affected by what happened with the previous dive master. Meanwhile, Rachel is concerned about Tony’s vagueness, especially when he forgets to open the gym for Geoff’s footie team. She tries to convince him to keep himself occupied and concentrate on good things, like helping Geoff or thinking about the baby. Tony agrees to try and pull himself out of this, but concern remains about his ability to deal with everything that has happened.

Belle’s first day at work doesn’t go well. Her car breaks down and she misses an important interview. When she rings Aden for support he doesn’t take the call for fear of getting into trouble with his new boss on his first day on the prawn trawler. Aden’s rejection is the final straw and it’s enough to drive Belle to take more than one of Larry’s pills she has stashed in her drawer. The day has been too much for Belle and she’s back on a downward spiral.