Episode 4789

Australian Air Date: 12th February 2009
UK Air Date: 26th February 2009

Xavier succumbs to Freya’s games. Hugo drops a bombshell on Martha. And Nicole’s dinner party ends in disaster.


Written by Fiona Bozic
Directed by Scott Hartford Davis

Extended Summary

Xavier’s jealous rage at catching Freya and Hugo kissing has left a trail of destruction at Martha’s place and Martha and Roman are not impressed. Xavier accuses Hugo of persuading him to split up with Freya so he could come on to her himself. Hugo does his best to convince Xavier of the truth – she leapt on him and he had no choice.

Freya seems pretty pleased with herself to have caused such havoc and her games seem to be working, Xavier seems to want her more than ever now. Meanwhile, Xavier admits to Ruby that he is confused over his feelings for Freya but Ruby wants to give it one more chance. However, Ruby gives up when he stands her up for their date and she finds him with Freya. It becomes clear that Xavier has caved in to Freya’s advances and the two are very much back on.

Roman tells Hugo to pull Xavier into line for Martha’s sake. Roman further upsets Hugo by offering Xavier a job at the Diner. His conversation with Charlie in mind, Hugo is suspicious and Martha cottons on to the fact he is questioning Roman’s intentions. Intrigued, she pushes until Hugo tells her what he really thinks – that Roman is still in love with Martha. Martha is stunned at this revelation. Has Roman been her friend just to get closer to her?

Feeling down about her row with Aden and her lack of friends, Nicole decides to make more effort and organise a dinner party for her, Geoff, Belle and Aden. But Belle and Aden aren’t sure if they’re up for dinner as they both start their new jobs tomorrow. Belle is particularly anxious about her first day, stocking up on anti-anxiety remedies in preparation.

Reluctantly they agree to go but the dinner party turns into a disaster. Smoke billows from the kitchen when Nicole burns the dinner and to make matters worse, she lets slip to Belle that Aden turned down his uni offer for her. Belle and Aden decide to go home before Nicole has even served up the meal, leaving Nicole deeply disappointed that another attempt to strengthen friendships has failed miserably.