Episode 4580

Australian Air Date: 22nd February 2008

The bay tries to cope with the terrible news when a loved one dies. Johnny watches Matilda as she sleeps. What danger is she in?


Written by Sean Nash
Directed by Geoffrey Nottage

Extended Summary

Unaware that Johnny Cooper is now taking refuge in the annexe, Tony and Rachel decide to have an impromptu dinner at Tony’s place. Johnny’s tension increases as the couple arrive home and Rachel lightly suggests they should check out Sam’s painting skills. Tony says that Sam has made it clear that she doesn’t want her work looked at. When talk turns to the dramas of the outside world, they decide to turn their phones off and just enjoy the food, wine and each other’s company. Johnny listens to the distant romantic murmurs. Tony breaches the subject of their age difference, but Rachel puts the matter to bed by initiating a kiss. The moment’s interrupted by a noise (Johnny has accidentally created a noise to which Tony has heard). Rachel manages to pacify his concerns and they decide to get back to their romance and passion…

Trying to track down Rachel, Irene talks to Alf and breaks the devastating news that Dan has died in a tragic abseiling accident. Irene and Colleen are trying to offer Leah comfort – however she is in a catatonic state. Leah’s deafening silence is broken when she insists she has to check on VJ, realizing he’s all she has left. Leah breaks into heart wrenching sobs. Irene is left struggling to corral Leah’s aimlessly flailing arms in a desperate attempt to calm the grief stricken woman. Her hysteria leads Irene to finally go searching for Rachel and she turns up on Tony’s doorstep. Irene once again has to break the news and they all rush off in hope that they can help their friend. Rachel manages to talk down Leah’s hysteria, but Leah is left shattered in Rachel’s arms. With the road trip cut short, Drew and Belle return home – Drew and Leah sharing a tearful reunion. And after keeping strong for Leah, Irene and Colleen finally break down. Everyone tries to comfort one another, all trying to come to terms with Dan’s death.

Trying to digest the news of the death of a good friend, Alf talks with Morag, reflecting on the deaths he’s lived through over the years. It still doesn’t get any easier to deal with. Alf pales, realizing Sally’s fear has become a reality. Having filled Pippa in on the situation, the three of them discuss their worry for Sally – aware she’s going to blame herself once she knows the terrible news.

Having seen Rachel and Tony leave, Johnny sneaks into the house and finishes off the food and wine. He tenses at the sound of footsteps at the door. Teary eyed and returning from the shortened road trip, Matilda’s arrives home. Johnny hides as Matilda breaks and cries herself to sleep on the lounge. We see Johnny leering through the window at her; he is fixated with the outline of her body. Matilda sleeps on, unaware of the terrible danger she’s in.