Episode 4579

Australian Air Date: 21st February 2008

Sam puts her family and friends in danger as she moves Johnny Cooper into Tony’s house. Will a teenage road trip turn into the trip from hell? Leah’s world comes crashing down.


Written by Trent Atkinson
Directed by Geoffrey Nottage

Extended Summary

Despite that Johnny is the one with the bloody arm he is clearly in control of the situation, as a curt Sam tends to his arm. Sam has brought him food, water and pain killers to last a few days. He wants a safe house to hide in. Sam already has a plan, but is aware it’s a risky one… She thinks he should stay in the annexe of Tony’s House. Johnny immediately balks at the idea, however Sam explains how they should use it to their advantage. Johnny warns Sam that she better not double cross him, but she assures him of their deal… she’ll help him get back on his feet, as long as Johnny doesn’t reveal her past to Jack. Sam’s anxiety grows when Johnny mentions Rory’s name in a threat. Johnny makes it clear he is playing a very serious game.

At Sam’s discovery that the Tony’s House is going to be empty for the night, Sam uses it to her advantage and moves Johnny into the annexe. Johnny’s dangerous and threatening edge scares Sam. How is she going to be able to keep up this façade?

Fitzgerald arrives at school to inform Aden that he’s requested to go to the station sometime today to make an official statement. Aden covers his shock when Fitzy explains that Annie doesn’t remember anything and suddenly Aden doesn’t feel so confident anymore. During a run in with Irene, Morag hoses Aden down, insisting that they need to talk. Morag gives Aden much relief by offering him pro-bono legal representation.

In his first week back at school, Drew finds himself under pressure as the ever growing school work continues to pile up. However, in a defiant act, Drew insists that he, Belle and Matilda’s take a road trip and go camping for the week end. The three of them set off to have an adventure of a lifetime.

Still in hospital and after a visit from Leah, Sally is overwhelmed by Tom’s prediction that Leah faces tragedy. Sally shares her concerns with Pippa, who in turn tells Sally that they should just wait to see – pointing out that Tom’s premonitions could mean nothing and she doesn’t want to upset Leah for no reason. Clearly Pippa thinks that Sally’s mind is playing tricks on her. Sally realises how she can know whether the premonitions are valid or not… she needs to see Cassie.

So, when she gets a visit from Martha, Sally is outright and asks whether Cassie is pregnant. Martha is thrown and tries to evade the questioning, however for Sally this is confirmation. Sally covers the sick feeling in stomach – this means what Tom told her was the truth and Sally’s worry for Leah sky rockets. And sadly, Leah receives a phone call that Sally has been dreading. Someone Leah loves has died. As her world crashes down around her, she sobs in Irene’s arms as she says in a shocked voice “Dan…he’s dead”