Episode 4567

Australian Air Date: 5th February 2008

Annie finds herself in a dangerous situation. Geoff makes a life changing decision. Caught in a love triangle, will Rachel decide with her heart or her head?


Written by John Hanlon
Directed by Steve Mann

Extended Summary

Realising Annie has snuck out; Geoff and Roman go searching. They find her praying with Reverend Hall in a car on the headland. Annie’s life is put at risk when Reverend Hall starts the ignition, locks the doors and tells her his ideals of being at one with God. She begins to panic. At Roman’s direction, Geoff distracts Hall so that Roman can get Annie out of the car. Geoff, putting his own life at risk, throws himself in front of the car so that Hall won’t drive off the cliff. With tender words, Geoff convinces Hall out of the car. The cops arrive. Feeling threatened, Hall attempts to throw himself off the cliff, but Roman tackles him down – leaving Annie, Geoff and Jack in amazement.

Irene is peeved at Roman for taking off on the search without waking her and is further annoyed when Geoff and Annie tell her what a hero Roman was. She berates Roman on his actions; however they are undermined when Jack praises his ‘combat’ skills. Roman makes a heartfelt apology to Irene and she can’t help but feel like she’s never going to get the last word with this man.

The morning’s events put everything into perspective for Geoff and he decides that he’s going to quit playing football in the city. He feels like he doesn’t fit into the ‘pack mentality’, instead, he’s going to put all of his energy into preparing for the ministry. Tony is a little surprised by the news, but agrees to go to the city to sort the contract out for Geoff.

When Rachel hears from Jack and Tony about Roman’s involvement with Hall on the Headland, her concern is obvious. As she hurries off to check in with him, Jack can’t help but notice Tony’s disappointment. Tony confesses his growing feelings for Rachel and Jack gives his Dad the encouragement he needs… Tony asks Rachel on a date. She initially tells him she’ll have to think about it, but after Colleen draws a parallel between Roman and Kim, Rachel accepts Tony’s offer. Is she doing it for the wrong reasons?

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