Episode 4566

Australian Air Date: 4th February 2008

Henk and Martha go to great lengths to keep a secret from Cassie. The serial attacker escapes from hospital. Is romance in the air for Rachel and Roman?


Written by Kaneana May
Directed by Steve Mann

Extended Summary

Jack, Sam have enjoyed their last days of their honeymoon, when they get back, Sam goes looking for Martha but finds Tony instead. He tells her there’s nothing to worry about, but Sam makes it clear if Martha tries anything she’ll have one hell of a fight on her hands.

Shattered, Henk admits to Martha that he has just been told he is HIV positive. Shocked, Martha’s heart instinctively goes out to Henk, but he doesn’t want her sympathy – his worry is with Cassie and their baby. Henk doesn’t want Cassie to have to go through three days of hell wondering if she’s got it too, so asks for Martha’s help. Despite some concerns that lying to Cassie will only make things worse, Martha realises Henk is acting out of deep concern. Going along with Henk’s plan, Martha tells Cassie they need to have blood tests done for work insurance policy reasons. Martha feels guilty being dishonest with her friend, but we can see she’s deeply worried about Cassie’s future. None the wiser, Cassie goes home, delighted to be reunited with her fiance. She couldn’t be happier. But is Cassie living in a fool’s paradise?

Over celebratory drinks of Roman becoming a business partner in the Diner, romance lingers between Rachel and Roman. Their first goodnight kiss is interrupted at the news that Reverend Hall has escaped from hospital. At Jack’s request, Tony stays with Rachel and Sam, as their ‘protector’. Seeing how concerned and supportive Tony is, Sam suggests to Rachel that Tony has a crush on her. Rachel tries to shrug it off, however we sense Rachel realises for the first time that she may have a romantic situation on her hands with Tony.

Jack and Roman go to Irene’s to fill them in on Hall’s escape. Despite Annie and Geoff protesting that they aren’t in danger as Hall would never hurt them, Roman stands guard. Annie confesses to Geoff that she thinks she knows where Reverend Hall might be… praying at Stewart’s Point. She thinks they should go talk to him and convince him to go back to hospital – then everything will be okay. However, Geoff thinks they should leave it to the police. Annie seemingly takes Geoff’s advice, however in the early hours of the morning she sneaks out, goes to Stewart’s Point and finds Reverend Hall. What danger has Annie put herself in?

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