Episode 4565

Australian Air Date: 1st February 2008
UK Air Date: 7th March 2008
Writer: Anthony Ellis
Director: Sam Atwell

It’s finally over between Ric and Matilda. Martha discovers another side to Sam. Henk receives some life changing news.


Extended Summary

Jack and family have arrived back and he drops in briefly to say hello to Martha who is working at the Bar, Jack seems very happy. Just this brief encounter with Jack sets Martha into her old insecurities and while she is in this state is easy prey for Greg, a customer. Martha enjoys a couple too many drinks with Greg and just as things look like getting out of control Lucas and Matilda come to her rescue. Martha feels as though this has all happened before…

Things between Ric and Matilda continue to stagnate, and Matilda can’t stand it anymore. Ric for his part is avoiding a deep and meaningful like the plague, still hoping they can find a way to get back together, and knowing where such a conversation will inevitably lead. But Matilda forces it, and Ric can only keep running so long. It’s a sad moment for both of them, they’re still in love, but their relationship has finally come to the end, and even Ric knows it’s for the best.

Miles, the vagabond takes Sally up on her offer of clean clothes and a shower. And he starts to explain his dilemma, when Sally offers him a caravan to stay in; he can’t believe how lucky he is. Colleen is outraged at first, but when she sees the clean shaven Miles she barely recognizes him, and wonders if she might have been wrong about him after all, moving him to tears. That night he has a nightmare, two hands desperately clasping each other amid a chaotic frenzy deep in the water until they’re finally pulled apart. What tragedy could have befallen Miles to leave him in the state he’s in now?

When Cassie returns home to find a scribbled note from Henk telling her he’s rushed off to the city, she can’t help but think he might have left her. Ric reassures her, he’s just proposed, he’s hardly going to run off now. But the truth is worse than Cassie can imagine.

The person that Henk has rushed off to visit in the city is Dr Moore. Henk is nervous as Dr Moore tells him that the blood test results that Henk had a long time ago have come back and he then tells Henk that he is HIV Positive….

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