Episode 4564

Australian Air Date: 31st January 2008

There is huge news for Cassie and Henk. Can Rachel forgive her attacker? Sam is ready to fight for her man.


Written by Sam Meikle
Directed by Sam Atwell

Extended Summary

Despite Tony’s worry, Rachel insists on going back to work. And not just for herself. She believes that by talking to Reverend Hall she can help them both get over what has so recently transpired. Tony watches as she flirts with Roman, and we get a sense that there might be more to Tony’s feelings for Rachel than just admiration.

When Rachel confronts Hall she forgives him, explaining that she understands it’s not her fault, but also explains that he was wrong about her. Though he struggles through the conversation his good side wins over in the end, and he is incredibly grateful to her. When she leaves, however, it’s clear the experience has shaken her. She’s coping, but only just.

Geoff begs Rachel to let him see Reverend Hall, so far the police guards have turned him away. Rachel tells him it’s a bad idea, but seeing the look in the boy’s eyes agrees to see what she can do. Reverend Hall is pleased to see Geoff, and asks that he unbind him so they can pray together. Geoff does so, but when they are finished the Reverend, seemingly innocent, asks if this time Geoff might leave his bonds a little looser. Geoff agrees, thinking nothing of it, but as he leaves we see a glint in the Reverend’s eyes, his dark side peeking out.

After a passionate display from Cassie and Henk, Cassie is left feeling a little queasy at work, and Martha suggests, half jokingly, that maybe Cassie is pregnant. Cassie laughs it off, but can’t help beginning to wonder. After speaking to Matilda she agrees to take a test, and the result changes her life forever. She’s terrified of how people will react, particularly Henk. What if it scares him away? But after gathering her courage she’s greeted with ecstatic joy from the soon to be father. They’re over the moon, utterly in love, and Henk proposes. Everything seems to be roses until Henk gets a call from a mysterious woman who insists he come and see her in person in the city.