Episode 4568

Australian Air Date: 6th February 2008

Is friendship blossoming into romance for Rachel and Tony? Will a dreaded phone call ruin everything? An old favourite moves Back to the Bay.


Written by Fiona Bozic
Directed by Steve Mann

Extended Summary

Rachel begins to have second thoughts about her date with Tony, but Leah rallies up some enthusiasm and encourages Rachel to go and have a good time. The date gets off to a rocky start, however once the initial nerves ease, Rachel and Tony both find themselves enjoying each other’s company and they seal the night with a kiss.

Arriving back from the city, Geoff reports that everything went fine with pulling out of the football club. Aden is infuriated that Geoff has turned down an opportunity that lots of guys, including him would kill for. But Geoff stands by his decision; God has other plans for him. Aden is disgusted and it’s certainly clear that things between these two boys are only going to get worse.

Morag turns up in the bay for Hall’s legal dealings, however she tells Martha she also has other intentions… she wants to move back to Summer Bay! Martha, who is delighted at the idea, is happy to have Morag as her new flatmate.

Henk agonizes over having to wait for Cassie’s blood results. Martha tries to reassure him that all they can do it wait. But Henk becomes stressed and worked up. Realising he’s on the verge of a panic attack, Martha focuses him – pulling Henk onto the bed and taking his face in her hands. As he calms, the caravan door opens; it’s Miles with a load of fresh linen. Embarrassed at seeing them in what appears to be an intimate moment, he immediately apologises and rushes off. Henk springs to his feet, worried it will somehow get back to Cassie, but Martha points out that Miles is new in town and doesn’t know anyone. She reassures him it will be fine. Are these famous last words?

Sheepishly, Miles confesses to Sally that he just interrupted an intimate moment with a couple in Van Six. Sally assumes he’s talking about Cassie and Henk and tells him not to worry. But later, when an embarrassed Miles, points out Martha as being the girl in the caravan, Sally assumes the worst. Knowing Henk’s track record, Sally confronts Martha, wanting to know whether Henk tried anything on her. When Martha says he didn’t, Sally demands to know if she’s having an affair with him then. Martha is adamant that she isn’t and pleas with Sally not to say anything. Reluctant, Sally is forced to agree… for the moment.

Henk makes an effort with Cassie to make things seem normal. But Cassie’s happy and loving state only seems to torture Henk more. And when Cassie wants to make love, Henk feels like his heart his breaking as he’s forced to make an excuse. And the dreaded phone call finally comes… the doctor wants Cassie to come in for her blood results. Does this mean the worst?

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