Episode 4569

Australian Air Date: 7th February 2008

Cassie is hit by a car – after finding out her blood results. Sally confronts Miles about their connection.


Written by Margaret Wilson
Directed by Steve Mann

Extended Summary

Sally talks to her counsellor about her confusion of being compelled to help Miles – a man she barely knows. She also admits that she thinks she might be going crazy, referring to seeing the name of her childhood imaginary friend written on the sand. The therapist gives Sally homework; to begin a journal and to also step back and analyse situations before immediately assuming the worst. Curiosity finally gets to Sally and she confronts Miles about the feelings she’s having. She admits to the strong, intense connection she feels she has with him. Does he feel it to?

During a physio session, Dom tells Sam about his mission to win over a girl. All he has to do is get the boyfriend out of the picture. Unaware that Dom is talking about Belle and Drew, Sam gives him encouraging words to stick to his guns as love is worth fighting for.

A frazzled Henk goes to Martha and asks whether she will go with Cassie to the doctors, he has a gut feeling it isn’t going to be good news. But Martha insists Henk needs to be there for Cassie. At the doctors Henk is adamant about going into the GP’s office with Cassie and with a look held between Henk and the Doctor, Henk knows what he’s been dreading most is about to become a reality… Cassie is informed that she is HIV positive. This is a bolt from the blue for Cassie. Bewildered, she takes in the horrifying news but doesn’t understand. She looks at Henk and realises he isn’t surprised by the news. The penny drops… Henk tries to defend himself – he only found out a few days ago. But this is enough for Cassie; her world comes crashing down. With her head whirling and heart racing, Cassie is completely overwhelmed and runs out of the surgery. Henk races after her, but she just wants him to leave her alone. She keeps running, not watching where she’s going. Tyres screech as Cassie is hit by a car.

Disorientated, Cassie wakes up in hospital, with Martha by her side. Cassie’s first concern is for the baby, but everything is fine with both her and the baby. However, it all comes flooding back as she remembers that isn’t the case. She begins to tell Martha about the doctor’s visit and is shocked to realise that Martha already knows. Martha makes a heartfelt apology, explaining that Henk didn’t want Cassie to go through three days of hell waiting for the results. Cassie doesn’t see the point… she has to live the rest of her life with an incurable disease.

Cassie finally agrees to see Henk, who is adamant that they can get through this together. However Cassie is having a hard time working through this. Meanwhile, having heard on the grapevine that Cassie is in hospital, Ric, Matilda, Belle and Drew have turned up. They are desperate to know what’s wrong. Whilst waiting in the corridor all of them are shocked when Cassie kicks Henk out of her room, yelling at him about her being 18, pregnant and HIV positive.

Despite their great shock, they all reassure Cassie with support, but the main thing Cassie wants at the moment is their word not to repeat this information to anyone. Matilda thinks Sally would want to know, but Cassie cuts over the top. She will never forgive any of them if they blab. She will hate them forever.