Episode 4458

Australian Air Date: 11th July 2007

Drew resorts to drastic measures to get his dream car. Belle gives Annie a lesson about the birds and the bees. Tony confronts Bruce and makes a startling discovery.

Extended Summary

Tony goes to the farm and confronts Bruce over the threat he made to Lucas. Tony makes it clear if it happens again, Bruce will be dealing with the police. As he’s leaving, Tony realises Bruce is making Geoff plough fields at night. Tony’s left appalled at the way Bruce is overworking his grandson.

The next day, Aden starts pressuring Tony to give him Geoff’s position on the footy team. Aden argues that Geoff doesn’t deserve the position because he’s always late and sometimes never turns up at all! However, Tony lets Geoff keep the position, so a bitter Aden starts bullying Geoff and stirring up trouble for Tony. To avoid a mutiny, Tony opens up to the team about the onerous workload Geoff carries. Geoff is left in awe of Tony for the support he’s given him.

Back at the farm, Bruce accidentally finds Belle’s magazine in Annie’s bag. He’s shocked at the explicit content and berates Annie for her lack of morals. As punishment, Bruce locks her in her room so she can pray for forgiveness.

Meanwhile, Drew has found the car of his dreams. The only catch is he needs to find $800 bucks to buy it! He turns to Dan and Leah, but they give him a definite “no”. In fact, they can’t believe Drew’s gall considering he threw away a job offer last week. Frustrated, Drew talks Belle into wagging school so they can hang by Jazz’s pool. They are almost sprung by Irene, but Jazz manages to cover for them. As Drew and Belle are leaving, Drew manages to take a blank cheque from Jazz’s bag. Belle’s left horrified that Drew would steal from his own mother.