Episode 4459

Australian Air Date: 12th July 2007

Matilda’s moment of weakness at a party has devastating results. Drew’s dishonesty plays straight into Jazz’s hands. Martha and Jack are caught with their pants down.

Extended Summary

Belle is deeply disappointed in Drew and makes him promise not to use the cheque he stole from Jazz. Still determined to get the car, Drew asks Ric to find him a job at the garage, but the request falls flat. Later, Jazz offers to buy the car for Drew on the condition he moves in with her. Angered by her attempts to manipulate him, Drew resorts to using her cheque to buy the car.

When Jazz realises what he’s done, she loses her patience with him. Since her money bought the car, she reasons that it’s now only fair that he moves in with her. And if he doesn’t, she threatens to cancel the cheque and tell Leah and Dan what he’s done. Backed into a corner, Drew reluctantly moves in with Jazz.

Martha’s thrown when the divorce papers arrive from her solicitor – she’s now unsure whether she wants to go through with the divorce. She tries to discuss it with Jack, but he whisks her away on a boat trip before she can raise the issue. To her surprise, Martha has a wonderful time, and is left more confused than ever about what to do about the divorce. Jack realises that he still has feelings for Martha and thinks if they gave their marriage a second go – it would work. But will Jack tell Martha about his feelings?

Meanwhile, Matilda has been trying to talk Ric and Cassie into hosting a party at their house. Ric is annoyed that Mattie is inviting her ‘new’ friends, Reuben and co. Ric doesn’t really trust them, and so thinks the party is a bad idea. Mattie, however, finds a connection with Reuben over the fact his mum died recently.

At the party, Matilda’s attempt to push Reuben and Cassie together falls flat. Mattie soon realises where Reuben’s interests really lie when he kisses her. Ric walks in on them and loses his temper, throwing Reuben and his mates out. Matilda is left angry and embarrassed at Ric for overreacting.