Episode 4460

Australian Air Date: 13th July 2007

Jack’s discovery throws his future with Martha in doubt. Ric and Cassie deal with the fallout from the party. Mattie makes a startling decision.

Extended Summary

Jack plans a special afternoon for Martha so he can finally tell her he loves her. However, he is completely thrown when he accidentally finds the divorce papers amongst Martha’s belongings. He hopes that perhaps she’s decided not to go ahead with the divorce, so fishes for information.

Martha and Jack totally misread each other’s feelings and end up signing the papers. Unbeknownst to them, they are both devastated by the result.

Cassie and Ric arrive home to find the devastation left behind by Reuben and his mates. Matilda later feels everyone is blaming her for the damage – after all, the vandals were her friends. Ric later apologises for making her feel guilty, but it’s not enough to buoy her. Mattie’s problems go much deeper than guilt – she’s feeling lost and alone in the wake of Beth’s death and Kit’s departure.

Matilda secretly packs a bag and heads for the road. Moment’s later we see her getting into a kombi van… Matilda is running away.

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