Episode 4457

Australian Air Date: 10th July 2007

Sally must choose between protecting a student and saving Brad. Luc’s heartbreak leads to a desperate act.

Extended Summary

Sally is still shocked and disappointed with Brad over the revelation that he was fired from his last job for possessing marijuana on school property. Brad explains that the drugs were actually for Emily, who was in incredible pain from her cancer. They had exhausted all other avenues, so hoped the marijuana might give her some relief.

Brad also gives this explanation to Jane, but she is far less understanding than Sally. Jane thinks Brad is using his dead wife’s illness to cover his drug habit, and she’s horrified. With his future looking very grim, Brad enlists Rachel’s help. She takes Jane through some of the medical evidence that supports the use of marijuana in the treatment of cancer suffers. Eventually, Jane is won over and agrees not to report the drug matter to the Department. However, in relation to the Naomi Preston matter, Jane points out that the case hinges on Brad and Naomi’s credibility. Brad is left worried about his prospects.

Meanwhile, Geoff has learnt that about Lucas’ relationship with Naomi and demands Lucas stops tutoring Annie. Luc is preoccupied with his conflicted feelings about Naomi, so agrees without a fight. Annie later turns to Luc for help with her assignment and is horrified by the development – she feels she’s lost her tutor and a good friend! Lucas later becomes so worked up about Naomi that he accidentally reveals to Sally that Naomi slept with Tony. Sally is torn over what to do with the knowledge. She knows telling the Department might help Brad’s case, but it would potentially expose Luc to more pain. In the end, Sally chooses to protect Lucas’ interests.

Feeling guilty over the way he turned Annie away, Luc later agrees to help her with the assignment. Luc later leaves her in his bedroom while he secretly follows Naomi. However, Naomi sees him and confronts him over his strange behaviour. In the heat of the moment, Lucas finally opens up to her. Even though part of him hates her, he still has feelings for her. Naomi’s response leaves Luc suspecting she still has feelings for him… although she staunchly denies it

After returning home, Luc is confronted by Bruce, who demands Annie comes with him immediately. Lucas is thrown and tries to make him understand that Annie isn’t there, but Bruce refuses to listen. Both are shocked to discover Annie in Luc’s bed. She’s fallen asleep by accident, but Bruce assumes the worst. Lucas is left reeling.