Episode 4295

Australian Air Date: 13th October 2006

Jack’s life hangs in the balance, will help come in time? Belle bounces back quickly and shares her first kiss with another boy. Drew makes a shocking discovery.

Extended Summary

There is not a soul to be seen in the station, except for Jack, who has been knocked unconscious. He lay completely lifeless and there’s no-one to help. Jack’s life hangs in the balance…

Back in the Diner, Tony hangs up his call, bemused as to why Jack isn’t answering his phone. Alf comments to Lucas about Belle moving back in with Irene. Lucas is instantly curious – it’s news to him! Having been brought up to date – Lucas heads over to Belle’s to offer his sympathies. He is alarmed when she starts insisting the whole debacle with Amanda and Drew was her fault and she deserved it for being such a horrible and nasty person. Lucas insists that’s not true and begins listing all of her wonderful qualities. Suddenly the URST builds, taking them both by surprise. Clearly there’s a spark and before long…they’re kissing!

Back at the station, McGrath arrives to collect some paperwork. He yells out to Jack and is curious when he is greeted by complete silence. He walks into the room and is shocked to find Jack sprawled on the floor. Jack’s pulse is faint and McGrath races to the phone to call for help…
…Bang! The hospital doors fly open as Jack is wheeled in, closely followed by Tony and Alf. Rachel explains Jack’s in a very bad way – he’s got severe head injuries and bruising and swelling, especially to his legs. Tony and Alf watch on helpless as Jack fights to stay alive. Meanwhile, Lucas and Belle are discussing their kiss and agree they could be good together. As they lean in for another kiss… they are interrupted by the ring of Lucas’s phone. Lucas picks up the call and his face drops – clearly the news isn’t good. Lucas and Belle race to the hospital but are confronted with the grim news that Jack has suffered severe compound fractures and may never regain use of his legs. Tony and Lucas remain by Jack’s side – holding on to the hope Jack will pull through. Suddenly, the machines surrounding Jack begin to beep, as the nurses race in to help – will Jack survive?

Back at the station, McGrath has called in a full team to track down Jack’s attacker. Clearly, there’s a connection to Drew abductor and Drew could also be in grave danger. Unbeknownst to all the action at the station, Drew is busy packing his gear, ready to leave the Bay. He places a farewell note on the table for Leah and Dan and with that, heads out with his bags. Drew walks along the side of the road, attempting to hitch a ride. Suddenly, a car pulls up and a hooded figure jumps out and forces Drew into the car. Uh-oh… Drew could be in serious danger!

Everyone remains by Jack’s bedside. Rachel explains his condition is critical and he is in need of a blood transfusion. Given Jack’s rare blood type, the possibility of finding a donor so quickly is grim. Lucas suggests Drew – given Jack has Peter’s liver – it could be a match. After some time, Rachel returns with the bad news but she is clearly perplexed. Rachel explains that Peter’s blood type is listed in Drew’s file but it is not the same as Jack’s. Everyone is shocked as the implications sink in – it is impossible that Jack has Peter’s liver!

Drew is in an abandoned room. He yells for help when suddenly the door swings open and Drew’s face falls in shock – it’s like he’s seen a ghost. Finally, he brings himself to mutter the word “Dad”… and standing before him is none other than Peter Baker!

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