Episode 4294

Australian Air Date: 12th October 2006

Belle is gutted by Amanda’s betrayal and heads back to an old friend for comfort. Jack finds himself in grave danger when he discovers the identity of Drew’s abductors.

Extended Summary

Belle remains anxious about what her mother is so nervous about. For Amanda, this is the most difficult conversation she’s ever had to have. Amanda knows it’s time to spill the beans but Belle is absolutely horrified by Amanda’s admission that she is in fact, Drew’s ‘other’ woman! Belle is instantly filled with fury and storms out of the house, hurt and in disbelief, leaving a horrified Amanda in her wake. What has she done?

Irene is shocked when she answers to the knocking on her door, only to discover Belle standing there with tears pouring down her cheeks. As Belle proceeds to fill Irene in on the whole situation, Irene’s protective instinct kicks in and is stunned at the level of betrayal from Amanda. Amanda arrives to soothe things out but Irene orders her to stay the hell away from Belle. All fired up, Amanda storms over to Leah and Dan’s house to confront Drew. She verbally accuses him of ruining her relationship with her daughter. Drew is hurt by the accusation and darts out, only to come face to face with Belle as he walks along the beach. Belle rips into him, leaving Drew hoping the world would just swallow him up. But just when he thought things couldn’t get any worse… from a distance, Frank and his thug offsider are watching Drew’s every move. Could Drew be in more danger?

Belle returns to Amanda’s house to pack up her belongings and so the showdown begins. Amanda begs Belle to give her another chance but as far as Belle’s concerned – Amanda can rot in hell! Clearly, this relationship is well and truly beyond repair! Meanwhile, Drew is venting to Leah and Dan who are offering some support but are stunned when Drew announces he wants to leave the Bay!

Jack is hard on the case of Drew’s recent abduction and harassment. He heads to the hospital to tie up some loose ends in the investigation. He requests Peter’s medical file from Rachel just as Dr Green approaches. Although it goes unnoticed by the others, Dr Green tries to cover his immediate awkwardness. Clearly he has something to do with the mystery – but what exactly could he be hiding? Dr Green moves into a room and retrieves a file before picking up the phone and informing someone on the other line that the police are sniffing around. He darts out, passing Rachel and Nurse Julie on the way.

Meanwhile, Nurse Julie reports back to Rachel that she’s been searching thoroughly but Peter’s files are nowhere to be seen. Rachel relays the news back to Jack, who is stunned to hear the latest revelation. Suddenly, the doors fly open to emergency and Rachel and Nurse Julie race to the help the patient. Both are shocked to discover it’s Dr Green – who’s just been in a MVA. The mystery just keeps getting deeper…

Eventually, Dr Green comes around and Jack is the first there to question him. Dr Green sheds some light, insisting he too has been pressured but says no more in fear his life will be in danger. Jack heads back to the station, determined to get to the bottom of this mystery.

Suddenly, Jack is struck with a thought and urgently searches through the database for information on someone called ‘Gillen’. His eyes light up as he realises he may have finally solved the mystery. He picks up the phone to call Fitzgerald but just as he tells her he’s figured it all out…. The phone line goes dead.

Jack turns around and standing over him is Frank. Jack’s heart sinks… now he’s in deep trouble…

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