Episode 4293

Australian Air Date: 11th October 2006

Ric and Matilda’s relationship blossoms. Is this the beginnings of Summer Bay’s hottest new romance? Amanda prepares to tell Belle everything. Brad and Sally struggle to see eye to eye on Rocco.

Extended Summary

Matilda is struggling to get her head around Ric’s sudden declaration he still has feelings for her. But her confusion quickly turns to frustration that Ric had to go and complicate everything. Matilda is overwhelmed and heads off flustered, leaving poor Ric wondering how everything just turned so pear-shaped.

Meanwhile, Drew is also struggling with his rejection from Amanda. He slams down the phone, frustrated that she still won’t talk to him. Leah approaches, offering some words of encouragement that things will get easier and that Amanda has a reputation for using people. But Drew remains adamant that Amanda still have feelings for him. Amanda knows full well it’s only a matter of time before Belle discovers the truth about her affair with Drew.

Cassie and Belle are chatting about Macca moving in with Amanda. Drew passes and his ears prick up when he overhears Belle mention Amanda is alone today. Determined to talk to her, Drew heads to Amanda’s house but upon discovering she’s not there – he finds the spare key and lets himself in. He plops himself down on the lounge and awaits her return – uh-oh he’s in deep. Amanda returns home only to be shocked by the sight of Drew in her house. Macca is not far behind and suddenly things heat up between the boys. Macca sends Drew packing, but Amanda is reeling at how far Drew is taking things. Has the time come to break the truth to Belle?

Back at school, the new boy in town has arrived. Brad gives Rocco Cooper the run-down, insisting that bad behaviour and attitude will not be tolerated at Summer Bay High. Despite Brad’s reservations, Sally is supportive and is happy to hear it when Rocco insists he has come to Summer Bay High for a fresh start. Drew returns to school, seeing red after his run-in at Amanda’s. He barges into Matilda and verbally lets rip. Rocco intercepts and in no time the two boys are face to face. Brad breaks it up – but things aren’t looking good for Rocco who is now to blame for Drew’s outburst! The situation sparks tension between Sally and Brad causing a rift at work and with their friendship.

Ric is driving along when he spots a ute broken down. He pulls over but it’s too late to turn back when he realises it’s Macca and Cassie. Although the mood is still tense, Ric offers to help. The topic of Matilda comes up again and Cassie insists that despite Matilda’s initial rejection, it is obvious she and Ric are meant to be together. Macca remains silent but takes in the conversation with thought. Later, Macca passes Matilda. Things are still frosty between them but Macca mentions he is so grateful he and Cassie laid their feelings on the line. It’s out of blue but it leaves Matilda with plenty to think about.

Matilda later approaches Ric on the beach. She openly admits she hasn’t been honest and she too shares the same feelings for him. Matilda insists she was scared and didn’t want to jump into anything in the fear she’d lose him too. Ric is adamant he’d never do anything to hurt her and is surprised to hear it was Macca who made her realise she had too much to lose. Matilda moves off, leaving Ric absolutely beaming. Is this the beginnings of Summer Bay’s hottest new romance?

Belle arrives home to find Amanda downing a stiff drink. Amanda tells Belle to sit down – there’s something she needs to tell her. Amanda takes a deep breath as she prepares to tell Belle the truth about her affair with Drew.