Episode 4292

Australian Air Date: 10th October 2006

Can Jack and Martha mend their relationship? Ric bites the bullet and tells Matilda he still has feelings for her. Friends and family bid farewell to a much loved couple who are leaving the Bay forever.

Extended Summary

Robbie and Tasha are discussing the idea of leaving the Bay. Tasha insists they need a fresh start and Josie has asked her to help manage her retreat in Boston. Furthermore, it’s a university town and Josie can organise the opportunity for Robbie to continue his studies. Although, Robbie agrees it would be an amazing adventure, he is hesitant about leaving his family. Tasha insists she will respect his decision either way – but what will he decide? After much thought, Robbie tells Tasha he wants the leave the Bay too! Tasha is thrilled by the excitement is short lived when they discover Robbie must sit his SATS for uni enrolment by the end of the week. The young couple inform Tony, Beth and Irene of their plans but are overwhelmed with disappointment. Beth is encouraging and insists that if they really want to go, they will find a way. Tasha and Robbie’s excitement is renewed as they plough into organising to leave the next day for America!

Meanwhile, Cassie follows Ric out of Diner, desperately trying to break the ice. But he continues to reject any form of communication. Eventually, Ric gives in and listens to Cassie’s explanation for wanting to be with Macca again. Ric accepts this but when Cassie brings up the topic of Matilda, Ric is instantly defensive. Cassie insists she’s seen them together and the chemistry is obvious. Cassie moves off, leaving Ric with plenty of food for thought.

Meanwhile, Matilda arrives home only to be confronted with the Robbie and Tasha chaos. Matilda is horrified when she discovers they are leaving and darts out the door. Robbie follows her out and comforts her as she sobs her heart out. Matilda apologises but she feels lonely now that none of her siblings will be in the Bay. Robbie promises he will be there for her no matter what. Tasha is also having heartfelt conversations with Jack and Martha and encourages both of them to communicate and sort their marital problems out. Martha is left with food for thought and later approaches Jack. Martha insists that although they are separated – it doesn’t mean forever. The couple share a smile – knowing this could very well be the first step towards mending their relationship.

Back at the Beach House, it’s all hands on deck as everyone helps Tasha and Robbie make their final preparations for the big move. One by one they say their heartfelt goodbyes. The tears flow as Robbie, Tasha and little Ella hop into the car and drive away on the journey to start their new life together. Farewell Robbie and Tasha.

Night has arrived and Matilda is contemplating her brother’s farewell. Ric approaches and decides to lay his feelings on the line. Matilda is stunned by Ric’s declaration – but does she still have feelings for him?

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