Episode 4157

Australian Air Date: 4th April 2006
Writer: Faith McKinnon
Director: Mark Piper

Consumed by torment, Tasha confesses to murdering Josh – but a shocking discovery soon changes everything.

Extended Summary

Jack and Peter are walking Robbie through the events of the evening leading up to the murder of Josh West. Robbie retraces his steps trying his hardest to appear confident and sure of his ‘actions’. Jack clocks Robbie stumbling over a few of the details and despite Robbie’s story holding up, doesn’t believe that he murdered Josh… Robbie claims to have thrown the murder weapon into the water so it would never be found. Back at the station Jack reports to Peter that divers are looking for the gun in the area Robbie claims to have tossed it. It’s unlikely that it will be recovered.

Tasha is at home, worrying about Robbie, hoping he hasn’t done anything stupid. She has tried to call him, but he left his mobile at home. Beth and Tony drop by to see how Tasha is doing as the phone rings in the background – Irene answers – Oh my gawd! She has received the news about Robbie. Outraged, Beth and Tony go to the station to find out what the hell is going on. After pleas from Beth, Jack lets her in to see Robbie. He admits it is true – he murdered Josh West. Tasha looks on, wanting some time with her husband – she is granted two minutes with him. Robbie explains that he couldn’t bare the thought of Tasha being in jail, pregnant, so he took the wrap. She tries to talk him out of it, but he isn’t going to budge. Meanwhile, Tony comforts Beth, she can’t believe her son would do such a thing! Robbie is lead out by Jack, who clocks the interaction between Tasha and Robbie – Jack is highly curious…

Jack reveals his doubts about Robbie’s confession to Martha – he thinks Robbie is covering for Tasha but can’t work out why she would want Josh dead. Martha knows why she would with the baby and having been raped, but keeps quiet. Martha heads off to see Tasha and lets her know about Jack’s suspicions. Tasha breaks down in Martha’s arms, admitting that Jack is right – Robbie is covering for her – she killed Josh! Later that night, Jack asks Martha how Tasha is and if Martha would let him know if there were any details he should be aware of. Martha says she would tell him, but Jack’s not convinced…

The dive squad haven’t found the murder weapon – Peter thinks they will have to charge Robbie without it – but first, Jack wants five minutes alone with Robbie. Jack sits him down and gives him one last chance to tell the truth. Robbie looks Jack in the eye – ‘imagine if your wife was pregnant, what would you do?’ Jack takes this in and realises he can’t change Robbie’s mind. Jack can’t believe he is doing this…

The formal charges now laid, Beth is beside herself. Tasha can’t handle it and without warning, rushes out of the house. She races into the police station as Robbie is being led to the cells and tells Peter that it wasn’t Robbie! Tasha confesses that she killed Josh! She tells them all of the details she left out earlier – Peter says Robbie will still be charged as an accomplice – then Hendricks reports a gun was found by the dive squad! Peter, with the gun in an evidence bag, shows Tasha – she confirms that it was the gun she used. Something isn’t right – this isn’t the gun that killed Josh – this gun couldn’t shoot the bullet that was found in the body!

Tasha recounts her story again and it is revealed that the body was finally found lying in front of the desk – whereas Tasha left with Josh’s body behind the desk, not checking if he was alive or not. She didn’t know for certain if the bullet she had fired hit him. Tasha didn’t kill Josh after all!

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