Episode 4156

Australian Air Date: 3rd April 2006
Writer: Leigh McGrath
Director: Mark Piper

As the police net closes in on Tasha, Robbie makes a decision which is destined to change their lives forever.

Extended Summary

Tasha is haunted by the night of Josh’s murder as she casts her mind back – she confronted Josh that night about not helping warn or save her from The Believers. None of this would have happened to her if it wasn’t for him! Josh is unnerved by Tasha’s crazed manner and he spots Amanda’s gun sitting on the desk. He edges closer toward it, Tasha lunges for the gun, grabs it, and aims it at him. Josh fuels Tasha’s anger asking her how the baby is – she is stunned that he knows! He tells her that it serves her right getting caught up with a bunch of freaks, she got what she deserved! At hearing this, Tasha cocks the gun, hands shaking, he thought she was all for peace and love, but perhaps she just reserves that for cult leaders – at hearing this Tasha closes her eyes and pulls the trigger BANG! Josh slumps to the ground, Tasha sees his legs from behind the desk – she freaks out – runs from the room, dropping the gun in the corridor… Back in the beach house, Tasha’s eyes well with tears, overcome with guilt over what she has done. Robbie enters and sees her crying. He reminds her that for the baby’s sake they’ve got to keep this to themselves. Peter and Jack arrive – they want Robbie and Tasha to go to the station for questioning, again!

Robbie is cross examined by Peter, who is asking him to tell them again exactly where he was that night. Robbie says he was at home watching a DVD with Tasha – nervous about his responses… Tasha is interviewed next. Peter asks her to confirm her pregnancy, which throws Tasha, then asks what she was doing that night. Like Robbie, she responds that she was watching a DVD – luckily they both say the same movie! Later that night, Robbie and Tasha are deciding how to destroy the security tapes from the council office – they decide to put them in Irene’s industrial skip – it gets emptied first thing in the morning – that way no one will ever find out Tasha killed Josh West! Robbie drops the tapes into the dumpster the next morning, Irene nearly catching him out! He heads home to tell Tasha that all is sorted, little does he know! Irene sees the tapes in the bin, noticing the council office sticker, she takes them out and gives them to Jack and Peter hoping it will help with the investigation. They are on to it right away! Irene returns home and mentions the security tape incident and that the cops now have the footage. Robbie and Tasha can’t believe it! What the hell are they going to do? Jack returns from forensics – they were able to get a few images from the tapes of someone leaving around the time of the murder – they’re faxing the image through now. The picture slowly appears, it’s Tasha!

Tasha and Robbie are in panic mode over the tapes, and with good reason! Peter and Jack turn up – they need to take Tasha to the station now for further questioning. She sticks to their story, as Robbie told her to. Peter shows Tasha the image of herself leaving the council office – she knows she’s caught out now! Tasha admits to seeing Josh that night and makes a convincing cover story about Josh threatening Robbie. She swears that she didn’t kill Josh and the reason she didn’t come clean about seeing him that night was because she was scared, for her unborn baby’s sake – she didn’t want to risk being accused of something she didn’t do. What will Peter believe?

Irene feels terrible about handing the tapes to the police after being filled in on Tasha’s story. The last thing she wanted was for Tasha to be grilled about a crime she didn’t commit. She begins to crumble – she can’t lie like this anymore! Tasha decides to go to the police first thing in the morning to tell them the truth. Robbie is stunned and can’t believe she is going to go through with it! After her shower she can’t find Robbie as he has bolted to the police station – he admits to the murder of Josh West! An heroic attempt to save Tasha from going to prison. Peter and Jack are stunned!

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