Episode 4155

Australian Air Date: 31st March 2006
Writer: Sandy Webster
Director: Geoffrey Nottage

Tensions erupt when Hyde discovers the truth about Kim and Rachel. Tasha and Robbie continue to struggle with the pregnancy, as the time comes to announce the news to family and friends.

Extended Summary

Hyde rips into Kim, giving him an ear full about his relationship with Rachel. Rachel tries to defend the situation, which makes Hyde even angrier. He insists that she has completely disregarded her responsibility as a doctor. Irene walks in as World War 3 erupts and demands to know what the hell is going on! Irene is brought up to speed and is trying to keep the peace, whilst Hyde remains furious. Kim pleas with his father to accept his and Rachel’s feelings for one another are true. Kim stands his ground. He loves Rachel and for the first time has found someone who makes him happy and insists that if Hyde can’t accept that, then there’s no place in his life for his father.

Rachel is at home when there’s a knock at the door. She is instantly on alert when she is faced with Hyde. Hyde reassures her he is not there to fight and apologises for his earlier outburst. He only wants to protect Kim and given his recent heartbreak, Hyde is concerned Kim’s love for Rachel is reactive and misplaced. Not to mention the age difference – the odds are against them and he doesn’t deserve to be hurt again. Rachel’s mind is a swirl with thoughts, as she prepares for her meeting with Geoff, the CEO of the hospital. Kim is supportive. If they love each other then why does it have to be so difficult? Kim picks up the morning newspaper and is shocked to read the headline – “A local doctor’s love scandal exposed”. This is all they need!

Geoff is quick to get to business and expresses he is not happy with Rachel for flaunting her relationship with a patient, as he throws down the article. It looks bad for the hospital. Rachel says she was being absolutely discreet and questions if Dr Helpman is getting the same rough treatment? Kim is standing outside the door, listening to the commotion on the other side. He is becoming increasingly frustrated and marches in to the room. Kim tells Olivetti and the board members how wrong they are. Kim, in fact, pursued Rachel and he was attracted to her for a long time. When all the debacle with Dr Helpman began, Kim was a shoulder for Rachel to lean on and their love grew from there. They are not hurting anyone and above all, Rachel is wonderful doctor. Rachel and Kim return home. She is so grateful for his love and support. Hyde arrives and Kim and Rachel are defensive, but instead he offers them an invite to join him for a drink. It is a peace offering and finally an acceptance of their relationship.

Robbie and Tasha are at the hospital. Poor Tasha is having a difficult time with the nausea. Tasha admits she is not ready to talk to anyone about the baby and Robbie is supportive of her decision but it’s all clearly taking it’s toll on the young couple. They arrive home and are greeted by a worried Beth. She informs them Matilda and Lucas spotted them on their way to the hospital. How are they going to cover this one? Robbie knows he has to give a response and breaks the news that he and Tasha are having a baby! Everyone is stunned and elated, except for Tasha who’s heart is breaking for Robbie, having to keep up this pretence. Beth and Tony talk of how great the news is – they’ll make great parents and at least that explains why they’ve been so quiet lately…

…Robbie and Tasha are laying on the bed, lost in reverie. Tasha questions if they did the right thing breaking the news. Robbie insists they did, after all, they couldn’t tell them the real truth! Tasha struggles to rid her mind of thoughts of what she did to Josh. Robbie gives her a reassuring hug. The secret is safe. Could Tasha be the killer?