Episode 4154

Australian Air Date: 30th March 2006
Writer: Margaret Wilson

Ric’s guilty secret is finally exposed as Martha comes under suspicion. Rachel and Kim work hard to keep their illicit relationship secret from the world.

Extended Summary

Ric confronts Belle about the magazines he gave her to dispose of – what the hell was she thinking? Belle says when she heard Amanda was the prime suspect, she thought she’d put the magazines in her bin, as further proof of evidence that Amanda was the killer. Ric can’t believe Belle would do something so stupid. Now Amanda has been cleared and whoever is responsible for the magazines are going to be hunted down by the police….now he is really in trouble! Later, Martha detects Ric’s solemn mood but puts it down to his break-up with Cassie. Ric’s heart skips a beat when Jack appears at the door. He’s only looking for Martha but Ric is clearly edge. Jack receives a call and heads back to the station – there’s been a lead in the case. Ric is hoping and praying he is not about to be busted! Jack is stunned to the core when he is given the report detailing who’s fingerprints matched those of the magazine cut outs! McGrath arrives at the Summer Bay House and Ric stands with Martha and Morag holding his breath – but as he waits for McGrath to take him away, McGrath announces Martha must come to the station for questioning. All are in shock – could Martha be Josh’s killer?

The interrogation is in full swing and Martha, like all the other suspects, is protesting her innocence. Martha admits to owning the magazines, so of course her fingerprints would be all over them, but she did not make the threatening letter – nor did she kill Josh. Martha turns to Jack for support but when she can’t provide an alibi of her whereabouts the night of the murder – the evidence starts piling up against her. Ric is sitting in the waiting area, worried out of wits – what is he going to do? Martha emerges from the interview room and when Ric realises how serious this has become, he announces he is responsible for the death threat! There are stunned looks all round. Morag re-enters the interview room with Ric. He explains he took Martha’s magazines and made the letter before placing the remains in Amanda’s bin. Anger got the better of him enough to threaten Josh – but he is not a murderer! Ric is sent home but the investigation is far from over!

Ric is instantly nervous when Belle approaches him at the rocks edge she has heard the goss and wants to know what happened at the police station. Ric insists he didn’t mention her name to the police – but has been on the receiving end of a lot of flack from Morag and Martha. Belle is thankful for keeping the secret and is genuinely endeared to him. They hold eachother’s gaze, before Ric breaks the moment – there is no mistaking the connection between these two!

Leah is updating Rachel on her argument with Dan. Rachel reassures her there nothing to worry about – if Dan as innocent then there is no issue. Leah changes the subject and asks about Kim. The twinkle in Rachel’s eye says it all – she’s in love! Rachel is planning a romantic dinner for two – given their relationship is not public – she takes the opportunity for a bit of quiet time with Kim. Kim and Rachel chat over their meal when Kim brings up the topic of her family. Rachel is evasive and diverts the conversation with a kiss. Rachel insists with all that she’s had to deal with recently, she’s not ready to for the judgement from everyone about their relationship. Leah returns home and watches on, wistful, as she observes the beautiful couple together. She wishes that she could have that feeling again and realises the love for Dan is gone.

Kim wakes the next morning and discovers the house is free. He and Rachel make the most of the place to themselves and in no time, the sparks are flying again! Kim emerges from the bedroom wearing only a towel. Hyde knocks on the door and is instantly awkward when he realises he has interrupted something. Kim breathes a sigh of relief as Hyde makes a beeline for the door – but not before Rachel appears in the kitchen wearing nothing but a towel. Stunned looks all round – their secret is out!

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