Episode 4158

Australian Air Date: 5th April 2006
Writer: Les Knight
Director: Mark Piper

Leah catches Amanda and Dan in a passionate kiss. Morag struggles to hide her secret involvement in the murder.

Extended Summary

Peter is determined to solve this mystery and catch the killer! He decides to not charge Robbie and Tasha for hindering an investigation – he’d rather put his focus on finding the murderer, now that he is back to square one again.

At Summer Bay House, Morag is going through her files when Dan enters to pay rent. Morag sympathises with Dan on his separation and offers the Diner Apartment for him to stay in instead of the caravan – she will be moving to the city to work on Alf’s appeal once Sally gets back from Italy. Dan gladly accepts! He and Ryan head off as Morag continues to search furiously through her files. She gets to the point where she is surrounded by boxes, unable to locate the file she’s after. A thought suddenly strikes her – face falls – panicked she heads to the police station and asks Peter if she can have the files Josh stole from her back again. As they are evidence in his murder case that isn’t possible. The more insistent Morag is about getting her files back, the more curious Peter becomes about their contents. Frustrated, Morag heads off as Peter heads for the files to get to the bottom of this mess. He discovers that two days before Josh’s murder, Morag tried to have Josh put under surveillance. Constable Lara Fitzgerald finds an envelope containing a cheque stub for $5000 from R.R for ‘services provided’, dated the day after the murder! Peter gets Morag into the station straight away! Morag denies any involvement in the surveillance of Josh West, but admits to making inquiries that she didn’t follow through with. Morag claims the $5K was court costs awarded to a former client – Peter doesn’t buy it. Did she hire a thug to knock off Josh? Morag denies this ridiculous notion and swans out. Fitzgerald reports that Bob Radcliffe, the thug, hasn’t been seen for six days, since Josh West’s murder. Back at Summer Bay House we see Morag shredding surveillance photos of Josh with an unreadable expression on her face! Is Morag Bellingham Josh West’s killer?

Things are awkward between Dan and Leah as he enters the Diner and lets her know Morag has offered he stay in the apartment upstairs. Ryan is happy to see Leah – another painful reminder for them both of the fallout of their separation. Dan suggests he pick up VJ and take him to the beach with Ryan – she agrees, but the tension between the pair is very apparent. Will their friendship ever get back on track? Dan shows Ryan the apartment above the Diner – he still doesn’t understand why his dad isn’t living with Leah anymore. He misses living her and VJ and wonders if he did something wrong. Dan reassures Ryan that it isn’t the case at all.

Kim and Rachel are preparing lunch, discussing Leah and Dan’s messy break-up, when Rachel gets a text from her friend Hugh who is coming for lunch. Kim is keen to meet Rach’s mate as Leah wanders in breaking the moment. Kim exits to let the girls talk as Leah tells her about Dan moving in above the Diner. Leah wishes she hadn’t gone to Peter with her suspicions about Dan and Josh’s murder – it’s made things really awkward. Rachel wants her friend to move on, to see her happy. Rachel’s friend Hugh arrives for lunch – he’s really lovely, and all are in a jovial mood – accept for Leah – so much that she doesn’t notice Hugh paying her a lot of attention! Later Hugh asks Rachel if Leah is single – he thinks she’s great! She fills him in on Leah’s recent break up, but urges him not to give up – he could be just what she needs! Hugh continues to flirt with Leah and she tries her hardest to respond – but her heart just isn’t in it. She lets him know that he’s a great guy – but she just isn’t interested at the moment.

Dan is at the beach with VJ, Ryan and Amanda (Ryan wanted her to come along). Dan is a bit awkward about her being there. They begin to pack up when Amanda and Dan go closer to the water to clean a few things the mess around a little and both end up pushing each other into the water, thing become a little too close…

Leah heads down to the beach to find Dan – she feels the need to sort things out with him to ease the tension. As she heads over the grassy knoll she looks up and sees Amanda and Dan locked in a kiss! Leah is stunned!