Episode 4146

Australian Air Date: 20th March 2006
Writer: Sabour Bradley
Director: Cameron Welsh

Robbie and Tasha’s wedding day is marred by heartache when a shocking revelation turns their world upside down.

Extended Summary

Dr Helpman continues to give Rachel a hard time. She lets him know that her relationship with Kim is over and hopes that he won’t go to the board about it. Helpman is clear in that Rachel can resolve this issue by sleeping with him. She is appalled that he can even consider this. He continues to play innocent throughout the day, driving her mad. Later that day, Rachel lets Kim know about Helpman’s games – Kim wants to kill the jerk! Helpman contacts Rachel that night and insists she get to work – steeling herself, she enters the hospital fearing the worst – will she lose her job? Helpman puts her on an emergency shift at the last minute. He is enjoying the power play of being able to control and bully poor Rachel…

The happy news has travelled of Robbie and Tasha’s engagement – many didn’t even know they had gotten back together! Beth and Irene offer to throw the happy couple an engagement party. Tasha and Robbie get into party preparation mode – It’s full steam ahead! Tasha asks Robbie to move back in – he agrees with a kiss. They discuss wedding dates – Robbie suggests they get married today! Tasha can’t believe it – when she sees that Robbie is serious she wonders if they can organise it all in time… Robbie’s excitement wins her over – they’re getting married!

Robbie and Tasha share stolen glances through the crowd at the engagement party while Beth, Tony and Irene race around playing host. Matilda and Lucas finish the decorations as Belle clocks Cassie being overly affectionate with Ric. Leah enters to see Dan and Sally chatting away and she awkwardly moves to speak with Colleen. Dan notices the tension and is concerned about her. Colleen doesn’t help matters as she recalls the last wedding she attended – that’s right, it was Leah and Dan’s! Whoops… Colleen apologises, Leah reassures her it is okay, but we can see from the look on her face that things aren’t okay at all… Belle takes an opportunity to flirt with Ric. He lets her know that he is serious about what he said – he’s with Cassie and that’s final, but Belle isn’t going to give up that easily! Dan corners Leah and asks her what is going on with the attitude? Leah admits that it is hard because every time she goes to speak to Sal, Dan is there. Is she jealous? Dan seems to think so, they part ways, both clearly frustrated. Robbie and Tasha sneak off when the others aren’t looking… What are they up to?

As Beth is about to make a toast to the happy couple, no one can find them! Then Robbie walks in, dressed in a suit and calls for everyone’s attention. He announces that he and Tasha have decided to make this there wedding day – right on cue, Tasha arrives in a boat looking gorgeous, with a celebrant at her side! Everyone is happily surprised! Tasha walks down the boat wharf towards Robbie as all look on in awe. During the ceremony Sally sheds a tear for Flynn, Leah looks to Dan thinking of the past and Beth is the emotional mother! The young lovers can’t take their eyes off each other. Applause and cheers from all as Robbie and Tasha share a passionate kiss at the close of the ceremony and are showered with rose petals.

Matilda takes Belle aside and warns her to keep her hands off Ric – Cassie and Ric are Matilda’s mates – she doesn’t want this to get ugly. Belle comments that Lucas is rather cute, knowing this will aggravate Matilda too! And it does… Lucas steps in to break it up – Belle smiles to herself…

The happy couple take to the dance floor for their wedding waltz. As Robbie twirls Tasha across the floor, she becomes unsteady on her feet and faints! Robbie is there to catch her – what’s wrong with Tasha?! They race her to the hospital to get to the bottom of it… The blood tests come back promptly – Tasha isn’t unwell – she’s pregnant! Tasha is stunned as we see a series of flash backs -being drugged with the drink, feeling smothered in her sleep, waking to not recall the night before… We flash back to Tasha as the terrible realisation dawns – She was raped and it’s Jonah’s baby!