Episode 4145

Australian Air Date: 17th March 2006
Writer: Margaret Wilson
Director: Scott Hartford Davis

In the wake of her deception, Belle attempts to flee Summer Bay. Ric and Cassie’s relationship is in turmoil. Can they save it before it’s too late? Robbie and Tasha are reconciled and Robbie proposes to her on bended knee.

Extended Summary

Cassie is tearing shreds of Ric and Belle. Ric denies anything wrong ever happened but Cassie is quick to assume his odd behaviour was because of Belle. Belle bites back and hits a raw nerve when she comments it’s due to Cassie’s lack of support for Ric on his first day of his cleaning job. Cassie is shocked she even knows about that!

Sally talks warmly to Leah about her appreciation of Dan’s support. It’s all innocent, but Leah has become increasingly annoyed by the amount of time they’ve recently spent together. A slight pang of jealousy overcomes Leah. Their conversation is interrupted by the arrival of Ric and Cassie – the argument is in full swing! Ric is still defending he hasn’t done anything wrong. Sally and Leah jump in to calm them down. Cassie is distressed by the fact Ric has been confiding in another girl about their problems, instead of sorting them out with her – what does that say about their relationship? Ric fires back – then why was Cassie so embarrassed of him? The calm discussion soon becomes heated and Ric storms out – their relationship in turmoil!

Belle spots a frustrated Ric she questions what he even sees in Cassie. Ric insists it’s so much more complicated and tells Belle it’s better they don’t spend any more time together. Belle is utterly disappointed and heads to the car park to scope out cars with money inside. She attempts to break in…just as a hand comes down on her shoulder – ‘not so fast girlie!’ Irene is right behind her, looking every bit annoyed as she realises Belle must have been the culprit who broke into her car a few weeks ago. Irene drags her off to Peter, who is in the Surf Club. Belle admits to living on the beach, when questioned by Peter. Irene’s heart goes out to her and decides against pressing charges. Belle leaves, as Irene watches on, concerned.

Cassie has made an effort of making a meal as a peace offering for Ric. He returns home and admits he has been acting strange because of his reaction to Flynn, not to Belle. Ric fills Cassie in on his decision to break contact. Cassie is appreciative and both are adamant they will make more of an effort to communicate – but will they stand by their words?

Belle is on the beach rummaging through bins when Irene appears with an offering of food. Irene likes her gutsy attitude and suggests she come and live at the Beach house until she finds another place to stay. Belle is hesitant, but Irene talks her around – pleased to be helping out another kid in need.

Robbie arrives at the Beach House, surprised to find Tasha standing by the sink in a mini crisis! She explains she was trying to retrieve her bracelet, which slipped down the sink, but in doing so, managed to wedge her fingers in the plug hole! Robbie is determined to save the day and sets about creating a special concoction of degreaser. In his enthusiastic efforts to help Tasha, he tugs at her hand – suddenly it releases flings back hitting Robbie in the face. The force sends him backwards as he hits the ground with a thud. Robbie is dazed and confused. He slowly opens his eyes, to see Tasha standing over him. As she moves closer, the urst between them is incredible. Finally, they draw in for a kiss! They are locked in a passionate embrace when Irene arrives home with Belle. The secret is out but Irene couldn’t be happier. Tasha tells Robbie it would make her so happy for them to be back together – but her face falls when Robbie refuses to give her back her commitment ring. This time Robbie wants to do it properly and with that, as Tasha’s heart is racing Robbie pops the question! The golden couple are reunited!

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